The answer is


But not just any macaron. It has to be non-human macaron. Not like i have seen macarons in human shapes, they would have been cute. Or gross. One of those.

But what i mean is, it has to be macaron with no human in it. I don’t mean there are actually macarons made of human, i hope not. In fact i’m not sure why i even have to explain this. My point is, the answer to Instagram popular page is, JUST MACARON.


That was what i thought at first.

It didn’t make popular page.



I also added #asian #blonde and other hashtags. I mean, just in case.




(It says “Your photo just made the popular page!” in Japanese. In case you want to give me a lecture about being disrespectful to Malaysians again.)

Seven fucking thousand LIKES, you guys. None of my 20,0000 other pictures about my face got even that close.

Thanks for proving me right, you jerks.


From now on, i will respect macarons (just like how i should respect Malaysians) and always quote it. In fact, i will make #macaron my fucking life motto.

“Macaron is more important than knowledge.”

“Where there is a macaron, there is a macaron”.

“What goes macaron, comes macaron.”

“Macaron others the way you want to be macaroned.”

“Hakuna Macaron.”

Now you guys know the secret to making Instagram popular page. AND to live a perfect life. You are welcome.