EMODA AW this season has Miranda Kerr as the cover girl!!


The other day i was reading ViVi Oct and the first few pages are all EMODA exclusive report featuring Mranda Kerr! My favorite brand is getting more and more internationally recognized! So happy for Ena!! (so buay paiseh say until like she’s my best friend lolol)

If you have watch the Tokyo Kawaii TV touchMe episode i posted earlier you will see that i have only met Ena earlier this June, and the first time i met her i swear i had tear in my eyes. QiuQiu and Namiko san are witness lol.

And then because of this amazing and fateful chance, the previous private holiday to Japan i get invited to EMODA’s events, openings and exhibitions that i didn’t even know about. It was a perfect timing. i can’t even express how thankful i am.

So coincidentally the first day i arrived in Japan was also the first day of EMODA’s winter exhibition. Ena messaged and asked me to drop by!! emp2

EMODA’s press room

With the amazing producer.


As MODE as ever!


Ena again recommend lots of new winter items to me and i again ordered tons of items from the new collection T___T

Same fur warmer! Ena in BLACK and me in BEIGE.


These items will be available late October onwards <3


The next day i dropped by Mark Styler’s exhibition again by accident because Jillian dragged me there and i didn’t even know where she was bringing me lol.


And then the third day i was there again with a different friend lol. 3 days in a row.

With Naoko (VMD) and Erina (press) from EMODA!


Few days later, i dropped by the newly renovated EMODA branch in LUMINE EST for shopping with Namiko!


Trying on new arrivals!



As usual i bought tons, and to my surprise i met Fish, who is a Malaysian student working at EMODA, who turns out to also be my reader!! Somehow it makes me feel very happy! I mean, it’s quite a fateful event!

With Namiko <3




Then on the 6th Sep EMODA invited me to their renewal opening at Ikebukuro.

Was a private night event!



With a Taiwanese shop staff who follows my blog too <3

And a Japanese reader <3


And producer <3



From Ena’s blog.

With EMODA Ikebukuro staff


I shopped again that night T______T

I bought so much my entire wardrobe is shouting EMODA.



Here are some of the items i got from EMODA this trip!



EMODA floral leopard print carry bag novelty item!


Reversible SNAP MUSE shopping bag (it is tweed inside) and notebook, also novelty item!


Another novelty set:  reversible tweed bag and make up pouch!


Also bought this very very cute houndstooth print socks!

And a pair of EMODA iPhone case, one for #addiction.


My extra luggage is filled with EMODA items!! <3


And then my #addiction came to Japan for a two days trip, we were wearing matching EMODA coordinates, top to toe.

More on that later!


Also, at another event took purikura with Ena! But in another post next time!! ^^


So go shop at EMODA GLOBAL WEBSTORE nao!!!

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