If that exist, i don’t even know what i’m gonna call it. A non hair dryer?

Actually i’m afraid i have discovered one.

Last week i was invited to a workshop, where we learn about a hair dryer that doesn’t dry your hair. I don’t mean it like you keep blowing your hair with that machine and then your hair will remain a waterfall forever. But a dryer that doesn’t dry out and damage your hair!

We all know that hair dryer is one of the biggest killer of any healthy hair. All hair expert will advise you to minimize the usage of hair dryer to blow dry, and that you should towel dry and then air dry instead. Which is pretty impossible because my long hair takes about the life cycle of a tortoise to air-dry completely.

But then, bless the Japanese scientists. Why are they so brilliant when it comes to beauty?!??!

Sharp, (are the scientists, indeed, but here i’m talking about the electronic brand) has just created a hair dryer not only not damaging, but conditions your hair.

They call it the Sharp Hair Conditioning Dryer.

I know right, neither do i. It sounds as ironic as “The Slimming Fried Lard”.

The sorcery, lies in this technology called Plasmacluster.

I will give you 5 minutes to look it up on Google.



Welcome back.

Now basically, skipping all the technical part, Plasmacluster will basically form water molecule coating on hair to retain its moisture. The effect is healthy shiny hair that is easy to style and smooth to touch.


They used me as a subject in the workshop. If anything went wrong, this blog post will not exist.


Their plan is to blow dry the left side of my hair with a normal hair dryer, and then right side with Sharp Conditioning Dryer.

First , they washed my hair.


Normal hair dryer on left.

Plasmacluster goodness on the right.

And then everybody was invited to touch my hair and feel the difference lol.


This must be how petting zoo animals feel wtf.


(Finally it was my turn to touch own hair).


During blow drying, i could feel that the right side using Sharp dryer was a lot easier to comb through, and there was less pull at the end of the hair!

Ok maybe cannot see much from that picture, my incompetent iPhone camera. Here’s a picture stolen from Isaac!

Look at that. Left right  is normal dryer and right side with Sharp PCI dryer. Check out the end!!! No frizz!



Taking a photo for evidence


Other benefits of Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Conditioning Dryer:

  • Help reduce static electricity on brush and hair
  • Lower frictions = fewer split ends and breakage
Means it is also super good for those with frizzy hair!


When i got home i told the Kareshi this new awesome product i discovered today and he was like, Purasumakurasuta? Everybody is using it in Japan. It’s common.

And then he made me feel like i just told him an aeroplane can fly in the air. BUT MY POINT IS!

Aren’t you excited?? It is in Malaysia now! And it will solve ALL shitty hair and bad hair day problem! Because i’m so excited! These Japanese brands always have a new breakthrough that will change beauty forever. Like putting fake hair on your eyelashes. If they indeed created it.

Now, go and find out how you could be prettier (and healthier too!)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SharpPlasmaclusterMalaysia

Website:  http://www.sharp-pci.com/my/

The product will be in store end of October, so be sure to check it out!!


PS: There are also other Plasmacluster products you guys should check out, like the Mobile Ion Generator, Bedside Ion Generator and Desk Top Ion Generator with Humidifying Function. I know they have long names, but basically they carry the same technique, but is used to purify, rejuvenate and restore anytime and anywhere, super convenient!

I myself is going to buy a home use Ion generator because i was super impressed by the demo during the workshop! Maybe more on that next time!