Blueberry Waffle (Number 76)

Was what i called my new hair color anyhow.

And then you guys came and ruin it by asking me to google “Blue Waffle”. FML.

Now it is just called “Cheesie’s new hair color in October”.



Really look like blueberry waffle wor, you don’t think meh?


Also was the first person to try out a secret magic color treatment at number76 which might be coming soon!


After the waffle curls by Amy from North Point, Mid Valley branch.

She mixed violet and pink to give some random blueberry highlight!


Under sunlight.


Up close

A lot of people are very shocked that i dye my hair so often and asked doesn’t that damage your hair a lot???


I used to believe that every time you dye your hair it will die a little, which is why just a year ago i always only dye maybe once every 4-5 months and just touch up the roots with the same kind of horrid faded golden orange browny tone every month or so.

So i pretty much only have about 2 weeks of good color days, and then go on and live sullenly with the shitty faded hair for the next few months.

But then i discovered that hair dye is actually not bad for your hair. Well maybe it was 5 years ago, but the new dye from Japan is crazy amazing. Apparently it is made from stuff they use for cosmetic items and is crazy expensive and it doesn’t smell, doesn’t sting your scalp, and you will not believe me when i say this but somehow, for some reason, my hair quality always gets better after a new dye :X

Also i always do magic treatment la! i am so so so happy that these Japanese people come up with new technology for hair! I always wonder how Japanese model change their hair color every two weeks wtf, summore very drastic one like from ash pink to BLACK then back to blonde wtf.

Now i know.

I am just so luck that now i know i’m in good hands under the care of Number76.

If you want my hair color, look for Amy from North Point, MV branch ^^ Dejima san used to take care of my hair but he’s going back to Japan for good now to work in NALU Omotesando branch :((( So now the destiny of my hair is in the hands of Amy. Plus she speaks Mandarin/Cantonese/English so you can communicate with her easily!

Call for appointment:

Number76 Mid Valley:
ADDRESS:A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley CIty, No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utra 59200 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: +603 2287 0661/0662
Sponsored Coordinates
1. Ash in Cans (Singapore)

Top, bottom + black envelop clutch all from Ash in Cans! Also check out their Facebook for more updates!


2. Su-Estilo (Malaysia)

Eyelet shift dress in pink from Su-Estilo! Lately i have been wearing a mix of cool and girly coordinates <3 Their Facebook page here!


Ok that’s all! Will be on a 24-hour journey to New York for H&M Maison Martin Margiela Collection launch!

Update again soon!


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  1. I LOVE having unique colours in my hair!nit’s just so playful especially as streaks! it shows a personality without being like HEY IM IN YOUR FACE

  2. IKR it’s like the hair will be softer after gg for a dye n treatment but hmm the cost is high for normal people like me 🙁

  3. Nice hair color. Can’t wait to see your update on US trip

  4. TeinNee Chin says:

    I like ur hair so much!!! ^ ^ n ur legs look slim n tall in tat pic…..

  5. Thankiuu

  6. It will be awesome!! Update soon!

  7. Haha then go for safe color that will last longer 🙂

  8. Yea! And can change so easily, super awesome!!!

  9. Yea! And can change so easily, super awesome!!!

  10. THT Christina says:

    The color is so nice! And the cordis are too!n

  11. cheesie that sounds awesome. can one only get these japanese hair dyes in salons or also for home use? i would love to try that! are there any brands you can suggest? your blueberry hair looks amazing :)!!!

  12. VV Victoria says:

    I love ur hair colour now!! it’s a pretty mix with bits of purple! aww…*jealous*

  13. Miss Sennnaa says:

    Super cute hair colour!!

  14. love love love the new hair colour!!!! super super super love the first coordinate!!!! i think u will look hot in pixie cut!!!! hehehe

  15. and have an amazing trip!!!!!!!!!

  16. Nina Irojiro says:

    Why, why why don’t we have Japanese hair products in Sweden?! :'( Over here hairdressers won’t even blow dry your hair if you’ve bleached it because they are so afraid of damaging it.nI wanna go back to my precious blonde hair! 🙁

  17. then how?!? They just leave it air dry ??

  18. Haha but fade very fast thou…

  19. You also can!!!

  20. Only in salon!!!

  21. Thank you!!!

  22. OMG fantastic cheesie!

  23. Love the colour!!!

  24. I totally regretted googling for blue waffle. LOL

  25. I am saving money to go that saloon. abit pricey for students but totally worth it 😀

  26. Lovely hair *w*n

  27. Super pretty colour la… I am tempted to try it…

  28. Hmm… I tot Blueberry suppose to be blue?nIt kinda looks purple in pic, I thought Ribena/Blackcurrant are more suitable! XDnnSuper awesome hair colour~ Wish I can get some daring colours like blue green/purple 🙁

  29. How do you do that trick to have short hair without even cut it?

  30. How do you that trick to have short hair without even cutting it?

  31. hannamarielei says:

    I love the color!

  32. your legs *__*

  33. Hi cheesie! may i know how do you do your eyebrows to make them so light?

  34. Dye!!

  35. It is!!!

  36. May I know what product did you use to dye your brows pls? =)

  37. number 76 needs to come to Singapore!!! (Or I need to go to KL. 🙁 )

  38. Haa ya loh. Your grey will fade right ?

  39. omg cheesie u the first I followed on nuffnangx lol! love the new hair colour, reminds me of blueberry muffins!’

  40. Hey Cheesie,

  41. Hey Cheesie, my hair is also violet! And yep it doesn’t damage- in fact my colour is a conditioner dye but still normal dyes are way better these days. Only problem with conditioner colour is perspiring purple at the gym in the first week after colour! Love your last lacey cordinate>.<

  42. hey cheesie! i love your hair color!! any idea the exact name for your hair color? i wanna do in singapore haha cant fly all the way to KL!

  43. Did u had to bleach your hair for the lavender grey?

  44. Did you had to bleach ur hair to get the lavender grey?

  45. How much does the magic treatment cost ah?

  46. cheesiee how did you fake your bob!! Please do another cheat one hair tutorial!!

  47. Yes I did!!

  48. I got do before ah!!

  49. Come here!!! RM VS SGD please!!

  50. [email protected] says:

    totaly love ur hair colour! mind sharing the exact dye colour?

  51. can i noe the name of the colour hair dye u used? is it light blonde?

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