I realized that this year i have traveled like crazy but it is 90% Japan and some other Asian countries. So the Kareshi and i are planning a trip (honeymoon…?) and i was thinking we could go to Europe because he hasn’t been there before, and i’d love to explore other places i haven’t visited!

Actually one of my favorite countries in Europe is probably Italy, to be fair i have only been to Venice to judge the whole country, but i was there for merely a few days and i was blown away by their fooooooooood.

Allow me to thick-skinly quote myself.


Will deal with Pray and Love later. And Weight Loss.

Eat was all i want in Italy. Wise is Elizabeth Gilbert.




me fond memories…


The seafood oh my, the seafood


Tramazzini. I can never look at sandwitches the same way again.



The Hot Cioccolatta, oh my, the Hot Cioccolatta…


The prociutto pizza, oh my their prociutto pizza…



I remember thinking to myself that i must retire as an Italian because they seem to know what most people don’t know—enjoying a life.



And how very colorful and chillax everything seemed to be.


I could be wrong, but that’s until i visited all of Italian cities!!!


And here’s my chance to win myself (and the kareshi) a trip to Italy!


If you have an account with RHB bank, all you need to do is just perform transactions via online or mobile with RHB!

Went to their Italia Mania launch.

Here’s the simple steps:


The game is really easy, you just have to create the most expensive pizza possible with your sharp eyes and swiftness of fingers 😀


And you could fulfill your dream…

Cuz here’s the prizes.

One of these could be yours!

Not the white head dudes. I mean the Vespas.

I’d actually love the trip more than the Grand Prize (okay you can have it) but i also find a Vespa so adorable that i have bought a shirt that says

Italian Girl Says Ciao

With a cute girl riding on a Vespa.


So, think of the Italian girls.

And pizzas.


More information on RHB’s website!