I always think that girly sleepovers and pillow fights are a lie.

I mean do people really do that? (Like, throw decorative cushions at each others until they burst and it is raining feathers? Seriously?)

But then…


During Aud’s hen night (which pictures i am not allowed to post lol) and wedding, for the first time i had to deal with 7 other girls who are not my rivals in a competition.

And actually…

It was very nice. We were not super close to everyone in the group but during dinner and “sleepover” (omg it really exists in real life) we talked and laughed so much and had many many enlightenments. Most of our talks are also quite dirty so i cannot reveal here. And also one of the talks contributes to Xiaxue’s pregnancy so yea.

In conclusion, girly sleepovers can make you pregnant. I mean, not in that sense where you get pregnant by sleeping with other girls, in case you misunderstand. And i am not saying that because i have gotten pregnant by sleeping with girls. Or have the experience of sleeping with girls. At least not in the sense that you thought i was.  I don’t even know why i have to explain this. You know what? Never mind.



I kinda like this whole girl-talk thing because indeed i learn things and new info i didn’t know before, and i would love to do it again.

What if now you can do it everyday, to share your thoughts and feelings online, with many other new girls, AND get rewarded at the same time? (By reward i don’t mean pregnancy)


So Libresse’s Barometer is their latest app that allows you to share your wonderful thoughts and opinion (actually even if you are feeling shitty due to PMS you are also welcome to express your mood), and at the same time stand a chance to win little surprises!


A Question Of The Day will be posted on Libresse Facebook every Mon, Wed and Fri.

You can choose an emoticon that represents your feeling, and then you can either type in your thoughts in the box displayed, or even record a voice clip if you are more expressive.

If you are shy, you can even use an effect to mask your voice (and sound like a robot or a chipmunk).


And then share it away!


It will appear on your own wall as well.

Submissions of sentiments will be closed on every Sunday at 12.00am, and every week Libresse will select 3 lucky users who have shared their thoughts (the most active participant and the most interesting sentiments) to win 3 little surprises, so that their moods can be changed for the better. I’ve seen some pictures of some winners with their surprises on their Facebook wall and some of them were really pleased! So nice of Libresse!


Go share your thoughts on Libresse Barometer now!