in New York.

New freaking York.

I never thought that i’d go to USA any time soon, judging from the schedule and how much i don’t like flying long hours, and New York is exactly the second furthest place on earth from Malaysia. First one is Cheras.

But H&M is ever so generous, they decided to very last minutely flew me and another journalist from Berita Harian to NYC to attend this ledengary collaboration between Maison Martin Marigiela and H&M.

Don’t jelly BECAUSE the collection will be available in Malaysia too, starting 15th Nov. Except that i get to wear it first. And eat real NYC hot dogs.

Here’s it!!!


And i thought it will probably be the most glam fashion event i’ll ever in super high class runway you see in SATC with chandeliers the size of a helicopter and 15-feet tall super models.


Mana tau it was held in a 9-storey historical building at downtown Manhattan. Abandoned historical building. FOR THE PAST 65 YEARS. Margiela being Margiela being Margiela.


Instead of 15-feet tall models gracing a runway they had art installation in each individual room.


Art needs no explanation Imma skip right to my self-shots.


Here’s one. For now.


With Berita Harian press and Amri from Milk PR.


So there are 3 floors of art installation, and on the top floor there’s a Margiela with H&M pop up store. Which also means whoever gets anything from there will the the first ever people in the world to wear them.

And check out the queue, y’all.


I guess being the first is everything sometimes. So i went to queue also la.

Spot a superstar rapper.

Oh did i mention that while in line i saw someone pass me by and i totally said it out loud to no one in particular “that’s Julianna Moore.”

And then right after that Sarah Jessica Parker walked right past me.

Here are some of the famous  and/or cool people snap shot stolen from the internet.

(my fav piece in the store and i bought it! Also because everything else ran out of stock -_____-)

Then she bought this piece and changed on the spot lol


Joan Smalls



Berita Harian journalist wanted a pic with Kanye West so i helped her to hold the camera, and then she timidly ask him if she could have a picture, he just stoically stand there without saying a word, and she didn’t know if that’s a yes or no so 3 of us stood there awkwardly for like 30 seconds lolol.


Made it to the pop up store in the end.

Try on a leather jacket!


Disco light and house music in abandoned historical building













Team Malaysia and Singapore



That’s all!


Bye! Update again when it launches in Malaysia! 😀