And that’s how i pretended to be a celebrity and got married in Japan.

November 4, 2012 in Senti-Emmental

Hi guys. This is an announcement, i guess. Kind of.

Apparently to get married in Japan you don’t even have to be physically present wtf. We wanted to officially register our marriage some time in July, and the kareshi was supposed to bring my passport for the registration in Japan. WITHOUT ME. Because i couldn’t be there, because i had to go to Guangzhou. -_-. Worst decision ever. But then it means had to have my passport with me all the time in Guangzhou, so the plan didn’t work.

Anyway. The night before, both of us had a normal day. He finished his work and we went for a Japanese movie called “Outrage” , which is obviously the worst movie to watch before you get married because it’s that kind of movie where in the end everybody dies. Sorry for the spoiler. I wouldn’t recommend it as the last movie to watch while you are single.

And then the movie finished about 2:45AM, and we headed towards Shibuya city hall and illegally parked outside. Since there was nobody around.

It was about 3AM in the morning and the kareshi pressed a button on the intercom and was like, “excuse me we are here to get married” (or something along the line). And then 5 seconds later a guy murmured something like congratulations and he came out to meet us with his just-out-of-bed hair rubbing his eyes. I suspect he thought that he was still in his dream.

He sat us down, we submitted the required documents, showed him our passport, he put a stamp on one of the documents and it’s all done. It took something like one minute to transform our lives forever.

Apparently the Shibuya city hall is open 24 hours to probably cater for Japanese celebrities who are too famous to be caught by anyone or people who want to wed in secret/elope.

And that’s how we got married. The celebrity way. Sort of.

To the two of us.


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  1. Siow Wei says:

    haha..congratulations! It’s kinda special way of get married I guess..n

  2. ahhfen says:

    congratulation again cheesie!

  3. ying says:

    Congrats Cheesie!!!

  4. Yuen Ling (Hayley) says:

    Wow, that’s interesting. Hm, it just made me wondering whether your husband is one of the celebrities too! XD Anyway, congratulations!!!

  5. Kimberlycun says:

    ah ling, am so happy for you two. congratulations!! (hugs)

  6. SKYe says:

    I twitted earlier but again.. Congratulations Cheesie!

  7. Rach says:

    that is soo awesome!! Congratulations!! 🙂

  8. Ivy says:

    Awwwwww! Congrats

  9. THT Christina says:

    Congratulations!!! And lol, interesting story to go with an interesting title.

  10. ying says:

    Congrats Cheesie!!!

  11. NameKen Kf says:

    OMG congratulations! sort of..

  12. Helen says:

    Congrats <3 !

  13. Cloudy says:

    waaaah! omedeto cheesie! ^^)/

  14. ayumin says:

    Congratulations!! Cheesie! And I pray for the long happiness….

  15. FionaChan says:

    Congratssss! 😀

  16. Amelia says:

    Congrats, Cheesie and kareshi! 😀

  17. zaty says:


  18. Mel says:

    Congrats!!! I feel so emotional reading this idkwhy lol. Its like such a simple registration but marriage is such a romantic thing 🙂 I’m so happy for you! I still remember reading your foreveralone post and now look where you are!! I hope there’ll be baby cheesies and baby errr kareshis around (don’t know his name) soon! Haha he’s not the kareshi anymore right? What’s husband in jap? Forgot all my jap. ok I’m getting irrelevant. Congrats!!! 🙂

  19. sunny says:

    Yay Congrats!! 🙂

  20. Name says:


  21. Name says:


  22. Pei says:


  23. Rosy says:

    Ahhh so thrilling!! I wanna get married this way too! LOL serious!!! Anyway, congratulations!!!

  24. ConstanceSQ says:

    Wah!!! Soo convenient there!!! XD n congrats!!!!!

  25. Dylla Fadzil says:

    :’) Sooo sooo happy for you. Congrats to both of you 🙂

  26. M.May says:

    OMG I’m shocked, but super happy! Yay congratulations! Please don’t suddenly spring another blog post and say ‘Just kiding’ or something like that! I keel you. XDnnOnce again, congratulations to Cheesie + Kareshi! =D ♡

  27. Eunice says:

    Congrats Cheesie!! So happy for u!

  28. Jestina says:

    Congratulations Cheesie!!! nGreetings from Brunei! n:)

  29. Anivyl says:

    wow! congratulations! (might be nice to see kareshi’s face now! hahaha)

  30. ramsay says:

    but, wouldn’t you want a nice wedding? ;-;

  31. Ella says:

    OMG CHESSIE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I’m so happy for you! I hope you both have a wonderful life ahead together!!! ^___^ Can’t wait to read about your guys’ future and stuff (lol sounds a little creepy… :P)

  32. Ella says:

    P.S. does this mean we’ll get to see what he looks like soon? 😛

  33. Vienna says:

    Congrats!!! Does this mean we can finally see the mysterious kareshi?

  34. minaaminaa says:

    おめでとうね、チージーと夫!^ ^

  35. DaBrenz says:

    Haha so he’s no longer your kareshi but your danna sama!! 😀 Happy for both of you and congratulations!

  36. Jay says:

    First time commenting. Wanna wish you a happy marriage and congratulations! 🙂

  37. hayleycasa says:

    Aaaaah Cheesie I’m SO excited for you! I’ve been reading your blog for so long that this feels like one of my friends getting married haha. Wishing you and your ご主人 every happiness <3

  38. melody says:

    CONGRATS!!!!! Wish both of you happy forever!!!!!

  39. airmeli says:


  40. felindabling says:

    Omg! Congratulation! 😀 does this mean we can see the kareshi’s face now? Hahaha.

  41. MEW says:

    Congrats to you and your ハズバンド! *showers wishes and good luck*

  42. Amelie Yap says:

    Congrats cheesie! I am looking forward to see how’s ur wedding will be 🙂 after I read bobostephanie, aud and Xiaxue’s wed..they are all fantastic and I think u may having an amazing wed like them

  43. Joli3133 says:


  44. meitzeu says:

    One of a kind wedding! :)n

  45. Ayami says:

    I’m so happy for you!!

  46. Amanda says:

    <333333333333333333 CONGRATS CHEESIE!

  47. SIM YEE says:

    congratulations Cheesie! Now you are Mrs Japanese 🙂

  48. Al says:

    congratulations! any plans for a grand wedding? though I would do the simple way too. xD

  49. Gypsy On The Move says:

    Congratulations Cheesie!

  50. sunny says:

    wow married just like that! congrats cheesie, I’m sill waiting for the day the kareshi (no husband now) will be shown on the blog. nalso lucky of you to marry a japanese, ohohoho. 😛

  51. Via says:

    Show us your kareshiii !! Congrats again !!nn

  52. lauhuiru says:

    omg are you serious?!:D congrats!(;

  53. ohfishiee says:

    wow! Not for the celebrity part. But for the whole plan. It sounds…. romantic! 😀 Grats!

  54. Mahalakshmi says:

    Oh my this is cute, i wish you two have a long happy life with each other *^o^*

  55. J says:

    Omg! Congrats 🙂

  56. Crystal says:

    Congrats!! All you need is each other 🙂 <3

  57. melody says:

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! have a super duper happy married life! wish both of you happiness forever!!!!!!!!

  58. says:

    Congratulations!!! =D

  59. says:

    Congratulations? Haha.. It sounds so surreal!n

  60. mihoshappylife says:

    congratulations Cheesie… nalthough it is a bit unromantic – hope you become happy together ^__^

  61. TeinNee Chin says:

    Congrats cheesie! Im so happy with u!!! ^ ^

  62. pingping7 says:

    OMG!! Congrats Cheesie!! So happy for you, welcome to the married club haha ^^

  63. Saori says:


  64. tammy says:

    congrats!!!! it would be nice if you could officially intro us your husband…. heard that he’s the owner of number76 style/ nalu in japan… 🙂

  65. yanneng says:

    congratulations cheese <3

  66. Megumi says:

    Why dont you ever show pictures of kareshi?

  67. nadialew says:


  68. paulien says:

    Congrats! 🙂 so happy that you found your true love. Will there be a celebration though? Love to see you in a fashionable wedding dress

  69. Intuition-MagicDrag says:

    Major congratulations cheesie! So happy for you. Can’t wait to see ur wedding photos! <3

  70. afif shafie says:

    Congratulation Cheesie!!!

  71. Name says:

    LOL that’s a very nice and funny way to get married. Congrats!

  72. sweet_honeydew says:

    What a cute and funny way to get married!

  73. sheepstep says:

    Woah, that sounds so spontaneous!!! 😀

  74. Mick says:

    congrats..and i think ur kareshi must be some celebrity or stuffs like that hahahah

  75. Jes says:

    congratulations, cheesie! nhilarious post! i loled indeed n

  76. Sandra Lee says:

    Congrats!!! Wow….. It’s really a special way to get married. 1st time heard of it!!^^

  77. Angela says:

    Congrats cheesie! 😀 do we get to see pics of him now? 😀

  78. Name says:

    Congrats, Cheesie!!! You’re the only other blogger to catch my eye and have me reading your blog for so long other than Xiaxue (watching you guys morph and improve into what you guys are now) and I can’t describe in words how happy I am for you!

  79. Joey Y says:

    Congrats Cheesie! Happy for you!

  80. xiayu says:

    congrats cheesie! 🙂 hope to see more pics of you and the kareshi together. 🙂 nnyour post kinda reminds me of my parents wedding…almost the same thing happened to them. 🙂 anyway, so happy for the both of you! stay happy and in love! 🙂

  81. starmist says:

    Congratulations, Ringo! It’s been so great to follow you throughout the years, and now you’re married! Omg, I’m getting all teary and you don’t even know me. Haha. Be happy always.

  82. speakglitter says:

    Congratulations Cheesie 🙂

  83. CHERWEE says:

    Congrats, happy for you. n

  84. Cheryl Chan says:


  85. Nicole Chang says:

    congratulations! simple x sweet!! Wish you two forever sweet kay. 🙂

  86. Yao says:

    wow, congrats =)

  87. SSR says:

    So casual yet so special, hehe, congratz!

  88. cezan says:


  89. Jen says:

    Congratulations to the both of you! Best wishes! <3

  90. -Mikoyukira-- says:

    Waited so long to hear this from you! Congratulations!

  91. mushi says:

    the efficiency of marriage = level japanese lolnnmuchos congrats cheesie 😀

  92. Rosa says:

    Kyyaaaaa! Congratulations Cheesie>.< Wishing you all the best! You guys only really need each other anyway<3 <3 Tears cos I’m a die-hard romantic over the most mundane stuff T.T

  93. PooiYen94 says:

    Congratulations Cheesie!

  94. Kaka says:

    congrats cheesie! unforgettable but super duper quick precious moment I think hehe =)

  95. kingsley90 says:

    Awwww.., so random and sweet. Congrats 🙂

  96. あいか♡ says:


  97. reiko607 says:

    Congratulations on you being legally married!!!!nSuch a big news but you kinda try to make it small.nI can’t wait to see you plan your dream wedding already!

  98. Francesca says:

    just read this!! congratsss congratss! n

  99. Nea says:


  100. GiGi says:


  101. sim says:

    you sound kind of upset :/

  102. rara says:

    congrats to u and hama-san! (i think he’s your danna right?!)

  103. rara says:

    congrats to u and hama-san! (i think he’s your danna right?!)

  104. Cass says:

    Congratulations Cheesie! May you both have a wonderful life together 🙂 Such a funny couple.

  105. jessryn9 says:

    Congratz cheesy! I love u and hope u’d hv a happy marriage life ahead!

  106. Nadia BennyLava says:

    Congrats Cheesie!!!

  107. akaichigo says:

    Congratulations to you and your husband Cheesie! 🙂

  108. bunny says:

    congratulation and happy wedding! 🙂

  109. Crazenne says:

    The kareshi level up –> Cheesie’s shujin! (∩_∩) congrats!!!

  110. Jess says:

    congratulations, and good luck to you both.

  111. Patricia says:

    Congratulations!! ^ ^

  112. Cheesie says:

    Thank you everyone 🙂

  113. Lisa Juliana says:

    You are now legally married in Japan!!! Congrats Cheesie!! 😀

  114. Maple_Shuh Hong says:


  115. Anonymous says:

    Awww congratulations cheesie !!

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