I may have been asked a few hundred times how i manage to travel so often. My answer is, a combination of good deals, good luck and good friends.

But travel also hasn’t been just all fun and glamor. Throughout all my travel experiences there were too many tragic things that could happen under the most unexpected circumstances.

Imagine if you really fainted at a public toilet in a strange land out of food poisoning! Or you flight suddenly got cancelled and you have no where to go,or losing your passport, or worst of all, getting into an accident (choy!!).

A travel insurance like Travel Guard from Chartis Direct could save you all these nightmares, and when i realized the cost was just as low as RM30 for a single trip, I’d be crazy not to protect myself with it.

Also, the coverage is in effect even before you make your way to the airport with cancellation coverage in case you fall severely sick before travel. Now you can go ahead and book cheap air tickets in advance!

I myself have got some tragic or almost-tragic travel experiences:

Mysterious Bodily breakdown

Few months ago in Bali the kareshi and i had the most mysterious food poisoning on the last day of our trip. The kareshi threw up 3 times during our massage and my knees were so wobbly i could barely walk at the airport. Plus we had a 9 freaking feet long surf board to haul all the way for check in. T___T

I panicked so much that i briefly wondered if the plane had medical support on board in case one of us pass out or something. T___T

We also briefly considered canceling our flight just in case one of us passed out and there wasn’t medical support on board T___T. I mean, for survival, you know.

But because we had checked in and couldn’t get a refund if we changed so we took the flight.

We survived.

We would have felt more relieved if we have had the protection of Travel Guard, because they have doctors and medical professionals on call 24/7 who speak your home language. They will keep in contact with your treating doctor to ensure that you get appropriate care.

If you were traveling and found yourself severely hospitalized for more than 5 days you can love your loved ones fly over to be by your bedside. Of course this is subjected to a claim limit.


2. It didn’t turn out… the way we thought

Few months ago i was in Guangzhou and it was one of the worst trips ever T___T. I didn’t even bother blogging about it because it was painful to even think about it again.

Basically in Guangzhou both Aud and i perpetually looked grey because of the thick layer of dust on our face T____T.

And then we couldn’t look anywhere but fix our eyes on the road because we constantly had to look out for spits and phlegm (in all sort of colors and textures) while we walked. T____T

And then I caught a flu and fever so bad i was unwell for two whole months even after coming back T__T.

And then Aud and i decided to go all out and bought an extra ticket each for RM900 just to be home two days earlier. That was how bad Guangzhou was for us T___T.


3. 4 countries in 24 hours


(During my trip from Berlin)

Which reminded me that last year this time i was stranded in a dessert and traveled across 4 countries in 24 hours just because the airline was delayed and i couldn’t make my connected flight in Doha T____T, before they delayed my replacement flight AGAIN in Singapore, before they also spectacularly lost my luggage. T_____T.

The only good thing that came out of it was that it made a damn awesome blog post.

Anyway, all these probably would have been avoided or at least made less unpleasant and more tolerable, if i have had the foresight to get travel insurance for myself, which is super essential especially for someone who travels so frequently like me.

Here are some of the things you can keep note of as a traveler!

Remember to keep these to file a claim:

(a) Boarding pass and e-ticket for all claims
(b) Original medical receipts and doctor’s diagnosis if medical related
(c) Letter from airline confirming the duration of flight change and reason of change
(d) Property irregularity report if your baggage is delayed/damaged
(e) Original receipts of additional accommodation, transportation, communication expenses, replacement cost for lost of travel documents
(f) Police report (lodged within 24 hours) on loss related incident.


Last but not least, always, always be safe and get yourself covered with insurance like Chartis Travel Guard, which will protect you from all these disastrous incidences. Even if they do happen (choy again), you will be getting 24/7 assistance and reimbursement afterwards. Because Chartis is here to save all bad holidays!

Here’s to many smooth sailing and trouble-free travel adventures in the future!!


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Chartis Malaysia Insurance Berhad. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of Chartis Malaysia Insurance Berhad.