November feature

November 9, 2012 in Photoshoot / Useless fashion

Here are some Cheesie features!


ViVi November

Apart from Foruchizu’s concept shoot we also did a fashion spread!






For Japanese brands at ISETAN too!



iFeel November


Cheesie’s fashion column





Cheesie’s make page


Newtide November



November sponsored coordinate:




Cream Peplum dress from Klarra! Also check out their Facebook page  for more updates! ^^


Sponsored gadget

Summur Serendipity

Portable Kitty phone charger! perfect for people like me who can’t afford to have a dead phone T__T. Check them out on Facebook too!


For fashion advert on my blog and/or Instagram and Twitter, drop me an email at [email protected] for rates! ^^



21 people cheesed “November feature”

  1. PERFECTION! congratulations <33333 love all the spreadnim dying you look so good. all the time /crying forevern

  2. congratulations!u r getting more and more famous!

  3. omg! i’m loving it! every post u do is so cute! i looove the last dress!

  4. i have a question cheesie. how the heck do you tuck in your clothes into your pants without making the whole thing look frumpy?? because whenever I try to do it, it makes me look like i have a fat tummy T.T

  5. I guess you can’t wear a very thick top!! :X

  6. Thanks so much!!

  7. Nooooo I just try to keep it up!

  8. A lot of touch up and make up !! Lol

  9. Can i order from Foruchizu ??

  10. Sparksinspring says:

    I’m looking forward to the Isetan event, will try to stop by and show some love! :)nnx Sparks In Spring

  11. Cheesie you look more and more like ena!!

  12. looking extremely gorgeous in every single pic!!!! really pretty!!!!!! you are appearing everywhere!!!!!! superbbbb!!!!!!!! happy happy happyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  13. I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate…n

  14. ปีศาจ สาหร่าย ทะเล says:

    u r Vivi’s model?? Jealous ur body =]

  15. Lol got meh

  16. Please do!! Thanks so much!!

  17. Angle and styling!!

  18. sweet_honeydew says:

    The army outfit is so cute! Loves it!

  19. Love the 1st picture the most!nLooks like a really fun shot with the yellow crown! <

  20. ปีศาจ สาหร่าย ทะเล says:

    eng version or chinese version ,can i find u in the Vivi megazine???i just take ma frens buy it!!!

  21. Eng one!!

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