About JRunway!

Before that i want to thank all of you who came to the event for QiuQiu and me. It makes me feel so much love from Singapore!

And very very sorry i couldn’t stay longer (and disappointed those who wanted a picture T___T), i’m very sure i will be back again for future events so will update again! 😀

Anyway, JRunway’s grand opening!

Love the window display! Super Japanese and trendy!

If you don’t already know, JRunway is the first Japanese multi-label concept store in Singapore, and it is massive. And it actually has a looong platform that could act as a runway!

Back drop of the main stage.

This is the cosmetic and accessory section. There are mirrors and chairs around so you can actually give yourself a make-over!

And then!!! I forgot to take a picture but there’s a special backdrop where you can try on clothes and snap your photos there and share it to your friends!

My god i think it’s an ingenious idea, because you know how apparel stores always disallow pictures?? I think sharing pictures will make a store even more well-known and popular, absolutely love this concept!<3

I think that JRunway is really more like a Japanese fashion playground rather than just an apparel store. I LOVE and give my FULL SUPPORT!!!


The event kick-starts with 6 Harakuju Decora-kei live mannequin! They are non-models transformed into adorable dolls.

Their hair deco is so cute!!

Turned to backstage, it was a hair-make frenzy. Whole crew from Number76 flew to Japan to handle the hair and make up of the models.

Pasted on the mirror is a style-chart of every model’s hair-make image by JRunway’s staff. I cannot imagine how much effort they have put in to run this event. I can just say i respect and love how they take things so seriously.

Yoshi fixing this model’s hair.


At about 3PM

My god, did you see the line?!?!?!?

The event starts 6PM please!

I have never felt so wanted in my life hahahahah.Ok la they are here mainly to see cute hunks from Japan since 90% of them are girls hahaha i should stop being so buay paiseh 😛

When i went to the toilet in the morning hor, got one aunty asked me, “eh do you know what time the event start? i really want to go but i have work! I want to come early and queue up leh.

Aunty also so supportive!!! Or kiasu, but either way i feel so 感動emo4


Would you please check out the crowd again???

That time i was still back stage with QiuQiu not knowing what’s happening outside…

Doing this. lol

Qiu doing her hair! By Amy from MV branch.

My hair also done by Amy hahaha. I’m so glad she is here because i know whatever crazy hair she gives me i will look good 😛



And that’s my first outfit, from Royal Party, handpicked by Namiko. (Shoes is my own from EMODA, which is also a brand under JRunway!!!)

full body coordinate

Qiu’s own outfit


Picture together.

You can’t really see here but Qiu and i have TWIN HAIR COLOR. Both of us one side green and the other side fuchsia! Didn’t even plan!!!

Love this picture



Guess who i met????




(You will confirm know her if you love or used to love Lolita fashion)

Aoki Misako chan!!

My god i don’t even know where to start. She was probably the first fashion idol i admired since 10 years ago. 10 YEARS!!! When i was still super in love with Lolita fashion. I used to search (that time don’t even have google yet wtf) her pictures on the internet then download and save as my wallpaper T_____T

And when i was in Tokyo last month, RinRin actually wanted to introduce her to me because they are good friends (both Lolita models). But i am so so happy to meet her here in JRunway!

She is wearing Putumayo, a Gothic Lolita brand, also available in JRunway!


Ok enough about my story. Let’s look at the Runway!!



You can check out their brand list in the website!


Qiu and I and two male japanese models, Tatsuya and Taku from BARK in Style doing media interview. (I was the shortest person on the entire stage. I blame Qiu.)


Second interview on stage!

I also dunno what we were laughing about but  means the event was super fun and we were just so happy!


Qiu and i on the runway. Even the audience is happy! See!!!!


Qiu said catwalk was a piece of cake for me i could do it with my eyes closed HAHAHAHHA

This Qiu also walk until so happy!

The both of us fail, 没有一点酷 lolol. Mostly because we were so happy to have support from all of you who came la!

HAHAHAHHA Why are we doing flying dance on a runway HAHAHHA






(Sorry i’m still laughing)


Other people walk so cool but look at both of us!! WHY LIDDAT! LOLOL Summore exact same pose lolol


Last one.



Ok that’s all!

Before i end, there’s an announcement to make! Attention to all Singapore readers!!!


JStar Contest

Are you a Japanese fashion lover (first criteria), have you been always dreaming about strutting the runway and modeling for your favorite Japanese fashion brands?

Bark in Style (renowned Japanese modeling agency!) partnered with JRunway for this contest and they are looking for suitable candidates!

Grand Winner

-5 Day Modelling Experience in Japan Professional shooting & Fashion reception experience, Harajuku& Shibuya Tour (Flight & Accommodation included)
-1 year modelling appointment with JRunway
-Premium membership (50% Discount)
-Paid Campaign shoot engagement for online/print media
-VIP exclusive event
-PR spokes person
-Paid Modeling Opportunity



-1 year modelling appointment with JRunway
-Premium membership
-Occasional Paid Campaign shoot engagement for online/print media -VIP exclusive event
-Paid Modeling Opportunity

Ok la nevermind, Namiko said the winner gets to work with me in the future so means i already is part of JRunway hahahha i’m faster than you.
Anyway, send your application here ok!!


See you on the runway!!!  emo5


Lastly, thank you to the many, many of you who are so sweet and supportive <3 Thank you for the pictures too. I will stay longer next time!

Don’t forget to visit

JRunway Website
JRunway Facebook Page


And actual store:

Plaza Singapura new extension


See ya!