Thanks to Expedia Malaysia (and Singapore), the four bloggers, Xiaxue, QiuQiu, Aud and i flew Hello Kitty Airline to Taipei before heading to Tokyo.

Girly trips are the best because who else is going to go all excited together with you visiting a Hello Kitty cafe?!

All of us, obviously!! 😀

So this blog post is on Taipei!

I feel quite meh about Taipei since i have been there 5 times already wtf, and i told he rest of them there are only 3 places worth going in the entire Taipei, which is Ximending, Shilin night market, and mayyyyyybe Wufenpu. You can visit another night market if you have extra time, but that’s pretty much it la.

I’d really love to explore outside Taipei or visit Taichung or Tainan, but this time we only had about two nights, (yet we managed to have A LOT OF extra free time not knowing what to doScreen Shot 2012-11-22 at 7.43.10 PM) so we only stayed within Taipei city.


Anyway, we were put up at this amazing boutique hotel in Ximending, coutesy of Expedia of course! They select the best hotels!! It’s the mostestest convenient hotel within walking distance to the most happening places, and also very very clean an comfy.

And the hotel also has a lot of hipster art pieces like this one (the reception desk is made of plastic cups wtf), which when you see up close, is actually made by hundreds and hundreds of tiny stickers!!! Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 7.43.19 PM


With my roomie

First day!

Visiting the Hello Kitty cafe was one of the itinerary that we most looked forward to!


Cute giant pink bow omg all of us got sooo excited.


The interior!

The pastry counter has rows of cutest cakes with Hello Kitty deco!


Kitty birthday cake!

Egg tart!

Me with Xiaxue.


We very very excitedly ordered our food.

To be honest we have actually been pre-warned by our friends and readers who have been to this cafe before that the food is really disappointing despite their cuteness. But we were like, how bad can it be la! It’s Hello Kitty!

We even get complimentary Kitty Pudding!

Happily camhoed with it.

And QiuQiu ordered some kind of fruity milkshake with a Kitty face on it!!

And me with my cheese tart of course lolol.


We took picture of ALL the cute food, made sure they were captured at the cutest angle etc etc etc, and then took a bite of each of our food.

I wouldn’t even call it mediocre. They are “marginally edible” at best.

Most of us took one bite and never ever touched our food ever again. Some of us felt slightly pukey (not because of pregnancy) lolol.

And then we never camhoed on the table anymore, everyone was kind of shocked into silence and also because cannot recover from a pained expression for the camera LOLOL.

QiuQiu said it was the worst milkshake she’s ever had in her life and it was putridly sour.

Audrey said the pudding tasted fake like playdough HAHHAHHA.

The chocolate has the cheapest taste that even Choki Choki cannot top.

The apple slices were dry and vaguely rotteny.

The whipped cream was hardened (?!?)

The most deliciously thing out of the whole table was probably the fork. Or the lychee, which comes from a can, which probably explains why.

Such a waste.

We really feel like we paid an entrance fee to come and see some art display of fake food in Hello Kitty shapes.

Audrey’s pink cake. Apparently it tasted like plastic.


My sad cheese tart.


QiuQiu’s sad tiramisu

At least the toilet is sort of the saving grace.

We kinda wanted our money worth the visit so we camhoed like 100 pix in it.




And also at least my photstream is full of cute pink pictures that day.



Before we left, Xiaxue insisted filling up the comment sheet.

And this is what she wrote.


Quality of dessert: SUPER GROTESTQUE

Quality of Beverage: HORRIBLE WANT TO VOMIT

Your comment and suggestions: FIRE THE CHEF LA