The best photoshop in the world

November 17, 2012 in Really useless vain pix

is called Purikura.

( Read my post on how to Purikura properly if you are a beginner.)

I am quite amazed at how popular Purikura machines still are in Japan (although mostly for high school girls), given so many new photo technology like deco apps, phone filters, awesome front camera, etc. But Purikura still tops everything, including Photoshop.

They’re like like digital plastic surgeon who really, really knows your face. Although they tend to give you oversized eyes some times.

The only reason is that it is almost impossible to look ugly in a purikura booth, even if you are a tranny (unless you are a guy, then you will look like a tranny).

Here’s a collection of Purikura i have collected since September this year!


Shiori @Shinjuku


With Shiori.

Autumn theme just only started that time!



These Purikura machines are creepy with how much they understand you. The template caption says “the weather is still so hot!”. It was.



This is one of my favorite Purikura cut ever. Shiori looks like Ozaki Sayoko and i looked like… a pop star version of myself wtf.



The whole cut


Melo @Roppongi


WIth Melody Yoko chan!






RUMOR is one of my favorite machines because it takes  individual full body shots!


Runway Channel Pop Up Store @omotesando


This Runway Channel is too cool they moved a RUMOR machine into the pop up store, and the machine is specially designed to have individual fashion brand’s logo template!

How cool is that my god.



Of course with the producer <3



EMODA original floral leopard print.


With EMODA crew






ENA gave everyone a makeover





Whole coordinates from EMODA





Choosy Chu


With Merry Jenny producer Yoshikawa Yui (left)



Elianegigi producer Nanayu (right)

Both of them are super humble and friendly <3



Chiji Nana and Yui








 Runway Channel 


The next day, with a dokumo (forgot her name), Hayley from Isetan and #addiction







RinRin @Shinjuku 


Halloween theme was up!









Donut waist lolol

















Misha & RinRin



Misha joined us!





Also, do you know that in certain Purikura shops, they rent out costumes for FREE? You just have to select whichever sets you like and return it after use! The one we went to is near Don Quixote Shinjuku!


This puri machine also makes blog banners! Although i’d prefer not to sound so retarded lol



RinRin and i chose Alice costume. Mine is Japanese-style Alice lol







Sailor fuku












That’s all!

Which are your favorite pictures?





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19 responses to “The best photoshop in the world”

  1. JessicaC says:

    I wish i could try out this someday! You look so flawless!! And I love the sailor outfit the most! 😉

  2. hannamarielei says:

    I love this photos. They look amazing

  3. Ayami says:

    かわいい‼ フォトジェニック‼ ♡

  4. jes says:

    i love the ones with rinrin and ena matsumoto!

  5. Hitomineko says:

    the last one is so cute. i love itnnxoxo HitomiNeko xoxon

  6. Evy says:

    Purikura is too awesome ahhh! You’re so adorable hun! Can’t wait to go visit Japan the end of this year <3 nn

  7. reiko607 says:

    Wuah their purikura machine is awesome!!nLast time Sg Wang’s also got rent costumes but now the shop closed down.nnBut still we can get Purikura machines in most Aeon’s Arcade Centre! 😀

  8. Saera says:

    Purikura’s are the bomb and they’re super cheap!! And in Japan, it really doesn’t matter what age you are, its so normal to take purikuras and i love it!nPS. adore your purikuras with RinRin!

  9. lauhuiru says:

    Can I be buay paiseh & tell you that it’s in my bucket list to be able to take purikura with you? (*^^*)

  10. Cheesie says:

    Haha can!!

  11. Cheesie says:

    Not that cheap lo can eat one meal each purikura

  12. Cheesie says:

    For free also?

  13. Cheesie says:

    Have fun!!

  14. Cheesie says:


  15. Chica says:

    *dies of cuteness* my favorite is the few last ones because of the costumes *__* although I may have trouble with japanese girl sized clothes fitting….your post makes me want to fly to japan now TT__TT

  16. Kimmybunni says:

    Oh wow love the Alice and school girl ones. But sometimes the eyes do look weird. Your shoes in the sponsored coordinate are amazing!!

  17. melody says:

    Wow!!!!!! seriously the best photoshop ever!!!! and so easy and fun and makes you look gorgeous!!!!!! hehehe happy happy happy!!!!! would love more vain pics!!!!!

  18. says:

    wow! tons of purikura!~~ maybe you should ask them to bring a few to m’sia too~

  19. sheepstep says:

    omg that looks so much fun!! I wish we had Purikura machines around here! * n *

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