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December 28, 2012 in Commercial Break

One thing the #addiction always enjoys is of course fashion!

We always love to wear the same coordinate…

Both from Foruchizu, The one Aud is wearing is what i called an Ice Cream dress haha!


We also love wearing matching colors!


And just before i left for Japan we had one last #addiction date at KLCC (after serving our customers at Isetan Foruchizu counter).

Our coordinate was brown and black, with matching hats. ^^

Also because it matches our favorite La Cremeria Chocolate Hazelnut ice cream!


Who says fashion cannot be matched with ice cream!!

I think this is pretty cool! 😀

Looks like some fantasy character’s outfit!

The #addiction sharing a tub of ice cream!


Also with Bobo!


If you love fashion (and ice cream) and think that you have good taste, don’t forget you still can join the La Bella Facebook contest by showing off your fashion taste!

More info on my previous blog post!

Just to remind you on the prizes again:

  • Prizes:

1. Main Prize:

Main Prize Winner receives one attire, one pair of shoes, one hair accessories and one shawl/hijab. There are a total of seven Main Prize to be won for this Contest.

2. Most Indulgence Points Submitted Prize:

Most Indulgence Points Submitted Winner receives four units of LA CREMERIA Tubs a month, for 12 continuous months. There are a total of ten Most Indulgence Points Submitted Prizes to be won for this Contest. The Organiser reserve the right to determine the LA CREMERIA flavour the winners will be receiving each month.


  • Contest Period:

From 19/11/2012 at “00:00:01” and ends on 13/01/2013 at “23:59:59”


Let’s see some of the entries for inspiration!

This is under “Strawberry Dream”

This is mine! Themed “Rose Lady”

Someone has a dessert theme!

And using barbie as a model!


Think you can do better? There are also many other flavors for you to choose from!

Go to La Bella to create your creative coordinate now!

While doing it don’t forget to enjoy your favorite La Cremeria ice cream ^^

5 responses to “La Bella”

  1. Angelina says:

    Thanks For using my Copyrighted and owned Image in The Rose Lady.nIt was my Logo for

  2. Anonymous says:

    wah, i sweat just by looking at the woolly hat and your jacket on a day like that…..yes will definitely need ice cream to cool oneself down…n

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wondering if you know if we can buy your cute hat overseas?

  4. Cheesie says:

    Perhaps next time when we have webstore!

  5. Cheesie says:

    Haha it was a rainy day so not that hot!

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