January Coordinate

January 26, 2013 in Useless fashion


Just realized i haven’t had much fashion picture to post after coming back to KL. Instagram also almost dead -_-. I have plenty of picture of horribly cooked dinner though you can see it from Twitter.

Here some fashion pictures taken recently!

Mild color bleach for dark hair


For ash grey + silver spatula highlight. By Amy from Number76 Mid Valley!

Nais or not!! Although got filter.

With Hannah Tan who came for color + treatment too!


So pretty la….


Soft curls





Hairband from Foruchizu ISETAN


Night out




Hair is ownself do wan!!




My rare Amekaji (American Casual) coordinate. Danna shirt lol


Then 100% image change lol


Then casual style



Then erm… Wedding Style.

Amy did the hair piece for me!!! Isn’t she super talented?!? I love that girl.


Then whole body EMODA.

Lastly sponsored coordinate from www.sneakapeekonline.net!

Black floral bra and brief so cute! Enter coupon code “cheesie15” to get 15% off! Valid 3 months from nao♡



Also ownself do wan!





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25 people cheesed “January Coordinate”

  1. Your hair looks so luxurious, how do you have them looking so healthy, bouncy and thick? Is it just good genes or do you do some special procedures?

  2. you look terrible without eye make-up. like janice from friends.

  3. Your wedding coordinate is so sweet! I love the classy audrey hepburn look on you as well!

  4. <3 your self-braided hair with the add on floral, American Casual? my gosh u totally owned the look of a celeb! & the casual style definitely my fav since it looked so comfy in all my fav colours..where did you get those?nhttp://immtherandom-ista.blgospot.com

  5. I have an awesome hairstylist who takes good care of it!!

  6. Lol thanks so much for your concern ah

  7. Thank you 🙂

  8. Casual pieces? From different online webstore and also vintage!

  9. Wow you are so beautiful Cheesie!

  10. You are now staying in kl or jpn?

  11. Thank you ah!! *awkward

  12. Nao KL ah

  13. Rachael Imm says:

    yea!..icic..can u pls recommend some trustworthy website to shop for casual vintage clothing?

  14. OMG!! #9 the wedding style!! where can i get the dress?? T_T *preparing my wedding and sort of performance* ! and super love the head piece!!

  15. Vintage normally I don’t shop online, always get them at Harajuku and other random places 🙁

  16. Rachael Imm says:

    owh 🙁 btw thanks for replying 🙂 will stay tune for your upcoming updates.

  17. the dress from one*spo is really pretty!!nnchibisou.blogspot.com.au

  18. Could you do a skincare routine post???? 😛

  19. Love love the floral Foruchizu phone case~~~! By the way, have you tried the S’ban bak kut teh i recommended?? n

  20. Cheesie! I miss your tutorials! When can you do some hair/make up/cheat one tutorials for us again?? 😀

  21. I love all the outfits especially the white dress with the flowers on the front. You always look so cute…great fashion sense, I need to get some more of that lol. http://www.roros-world.com

  22. love coordinate #5 most, very effortlessn

  23. gahhh! i love your hair ^__^ do you know the colour name or something close to it?

  24. I love your hair colour! Whenever I lighten mine it gets this brassy, reddish tone (orange bleh). I love how yours has more of an ashy tone. So pretty :)nnhttp://lucyloohoo.wordpress.com

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