This is a short thank you post dedicated to NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV.

After coming back from our wedding in Nagasaki, our friends and colleagues had a surprise celebration for us. They recorded a video of greetings and wishes from our friends and mostly danna’s friend (whom i don’t know mostly, but there were actually a few famous Japanese people wtf).

And then lastly there was a surprise gift from NHK Kawaii TV.

It’s a Domukun basket LOLOL

A Domokun plushie and many many mini Tokyo Kawaii TV limited edition domokun figures.

And a letter.

The letter is 4 pages long wtf. I dunno how they managed to find so many things to say.

And then someone read the letter out loud to me and then i cried WTF.


NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV got in touch with me in January 2010. I can’t believe it has been 3 years now. And the first ever email from Kawaii TV changed my whole life.

Because of the email i was on Japan national TV for the first time in my life. And then many many times after that. Aud and i formed Foruchizu. And now we have an online store. The existence of this Malaysian blogger was made known to Japan, i got many new followers and readers from Japan, received many many comments and tweets and emails that made me tear, received many new job offers from Japan and expanded my fashion knowledge, get sponsored by Japanese hair salon in Malaysia, get to know my super mega idols like Ogihara Momoko and Matsumoto Ena in real life.

And then i also met my danna. A fashion company who knew me from Kawaii TV found me and invited me to a fashion show in Singapore (thank you ah Singapore). And then i met him there. And then the rest is in history (of LINE chats and blog archive WTF).

Yea that’s the story of how we met which a zombilion people have asked me to blog about hahahhahaha are you disappointed wtf.



Thank you so much.

I didn’t expect them to go the extra length to want to celebrate my life journey with me too. I was overwhelmingly touched.


Hope i can be on Kawaii TV again one day.