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January 2, 2013 in Commercial Break

Today i wanna talk about homes!

So! The danna (used to be kareshi, but now that we are legally married everyone is urging me to change the title wtf) and i are moving out from our rented apartment in Mont Kiara back to my old and tiny cheesehole to save some rent.

Eventually we want to have a family and both of us really, really wished to stay in a landed house where i can have 2 (initally i wanted 5, but got bargained down) dogs and some kids running around.

And so we will have to do adult things like checking out properties and things like that. Accept it! Your Cheesie is a grown up girl lol.

And then i went to check out Ken Rimba (he was in Japan so he couldn’t come).

And i must say that i haven’t had a more inspiring property tour in my life. Not even when i bought my first property.

It was eye-opening, it was humble, it was sincere, and most importantly, it was real. So none of the pictures i post here are edited. All as real as it gets, and let it speak for itself without pretentious photo filters.

First of all it didn’t have on of those fancy impressive addresses. It was in Shah Alam, borderline Klang, and for someone who lives in Mont Kiara (for now) i really wasn’t too impressed at first.

Before viewing the property we were treated to one of the most genuine Bakuteh i’ve had, because the Ken Rimba development is practically just next to it.

Been here before or not!!

I LOVE Klang bakuteh omg now i understand why people wake up 6am for it.


Was very happy to have real breakfast with friends cuz always only eat cereal at home T__T

Glorious, glorious bakuteh. I will miss you.


And then we head back to Ken Rimba’s sales gallery.

We met Sam, the executive director of KEN Holdings Berhad, and i was expecting a property tour about how spacious and luxurious the house is, how aesthetically amazing the show room looks, the usual.

But he started with a lesson on green township.

Instead of focusing on the house, we learnt about a green community. An eco lifestyle. A better standard of construction for Malaysia. I have never heard anything like that before. Honestly i listen until i get goosebumps wtf.

This is the already completed KEN Rimba LEGIAN terraced homes (which are mostly sold out). We went touring around and i really really fell in love with the whole concept and township, because i for one always try to support eco green environment whenever i could.


Let me put it as simply as i could.

KEN Rimba has been awarded two BCA Green Mark Awards from the Singapore government, it is the first development in Malaysia to achieve this level of recognition.

Here are some of the features for the terrace houses:

1. All houses are specially build for a north – south orientation to create better ventilation and reduces the need for electrical cooling devices, and of course good fengshui.

2. Each house is built to allow more natural light to illuminate the house, and breathable Roof with slots to allow heat to escape through the roof attic. It is true, when i was there, not a single light was switched on. And it was bright and airy.


3. Old school adjustable glass louvred windows is used instead of fancy windows  to facilitate airflow and ventilation. And the super efficient utilization of space! Not a single space is wasted in the house.

4. Free access to bicycles to get around the community! Awesome. Also there will be majestic watchdogs lol. I love!

5. This is the side alley between houses. Normally we have boring tarmac which is mostly abandoned anyway. But look at this!! Turfed walkways with ponds! Don’t you wanna just take a walk??

6. They are planting trees ( a type of tropical Sakura which pink flowers blooom, imagine that!!!) and lots of green everywhere.

7. At the back of the house, you have Rainwater Harvesting Tanks store rainwater which can be used for gardening and car porch washing. Super eco!! And all these things add up to save your bills too!


The Interior

It is very standard double storey terrace house, i won’t talk much about the interior because i feel that you can always do whatever you like to it, and normally showrooms are kind of cheat-people one because to be able to decorate until like them you can buy another house already wtf.

Their ID is surprisngly down to earth and also a tad Balinese, hence the whole Balinese concept, like Legian and Jimbaran.

Can always install huge mirror for my #ufod. This completes my life lol.



I saw this.

And i was sold. SOLD.

What the hell??????

Given it’s too small to hold a disco pool party for 100 friends, but a pool!!!! Even i know that i will never swim in it but a pool makes a galaxy of difference to a house!!!!

Man this feels like a villa to me. I really didn’t want to leave that place. I felt like i was holidaying in Bali.

The kareshi  will love this. LOVE!

I sent him several pictures on LINE and he was like, “we buy?” HAHAHAHA. Say only la. We need to save money T__T.


There’s the second development called KEN Rimba Jimbaran Residences. For your reference:


Tenure: free hold
Type:  Double Storey Terrace House with Loft
Lot size:  Standard 22’ x 65’
Built-up area:  Approx. 2,100 sq. ft. to 2,500 sq. ft.
Rooms:  4 Bedrooms + 3 Bathrooms + 1 Attice/Loft
Facilities: Guarded Community, Playground with Exercise Equipment, Private Lap Pool for Corner Units only


And then, of course, there’s the price:

For KEN Rimba Legian residences, it is RM 595K – RM 1.288M. Ken Rimba Jimbaran Residences will be slightly above that since it is bigger too.

More holding at the KEN Holdings website, but you must go down to the real deal to have a look and feel it for yourself. I love it because i have never seen a development so sincere and thoughtful and really for the good of a bigger picture for the society.

Maybe we can be neighbors. And eat bakuteh together.

Go have a look for yourself nao!


FB Page: Facebook: https://

Sam’s Twitter: https://


Sales enquiries: 1300-22-9933

17 responses to “Ken Rimba”

  1. anivyl says:

    I really like the concept, but i wish it’s not so attached to the entire row of houses, hahaha! are the walls thick enough that you don’t hear your neighbors?!

  2. Ping Ping says:

    considering the pool, the greeneries beside your house and all, it’s really quite reasonable leh..I dunno bout properties la..But a condo in Penang can easily be RM500k-RM600k. T_T can never be rich in Penang…Even the 1000sqf also RM300k d..get nothing but three weirdly shaped rooms and shared pool. And then again, really, I’ve never seen a property for myself =P But RM1mil sounds normal for house like the concept though..

  3. Mishi says:

    Happy New Year! Cheesie all grown up! It’s so awesome to go house hunting.. I really love the concept of these houses. It looks so efficient, green, and elegant. Hope all goes well! I can’t wait to see when you finally settle down in your new home =) *best of luck*

  4. Anonymous says:

    Will you be living in Malaysia or Japan? And how’s your husband’s English? Fluent, passable, or just bad?

  5. Jess says:

    beautiful decoration and design. The idea sounds innovative, but I’m one of those people who prefers a single family home, which I guess contradicts part of the concept. there is also the lack of privacy t consider. i think the pricing is not too bad houses of that size where i live could easily be $500 grand, about RM 1.5M. i think you guys should take some time to consider.

  6. Erika says:

    WTF. I want to move to Malaysia liao. For RM600k you can’t even get a hdb in sg!!! And our hdb costs more than double of malaysia’s landed property OMG. Didn’t know houses in Malaysia are so much more affordable T_T. I want terrace house too loll but ours cost sgd5mil bye

  7. Cheesie says:

    Lolol come!!!

  8. Cheesie says:

    I too think that the houses are way too big for just the both of us ( and even future family). Unfortunately the choices are either staying in apartment or huge landed like this. 🙁

  9. Cheesie says:

    Thank you so much!!

  10. Cheesie says:

    That is true!! Penang’d property prices are really not that far off from KL :X

  11. Cheesie says:

    Terrace houses ma. All standard I guess haha

  12. serene says:

    Being a malaysian staying in perth for the last five years, i have always thought malaysia is really slow when it comes to eco-living. I am really happy it is happening, good job cheesie 😀

  13. Cheesie says:

    Good job to the developer!!!!!

  14. bear/neko says:

    and i moved to Sri Hartamas and to learn you’re moving away. :/

  15. n00b says:

    600k is out of reach by many :(. nNice house which I can only dream dream dream.

  16. Lokman says:

    Starting price at RM595K is a steal considering that a typical double storey terrace which is around the same size in Penang costs RM800K+ and it does NOT come with any facilities of that sort.

  17. lawless says:

    Walao quickly sell your apartment and buy la. RM1.288 can only get you a 1,200 sq ft government apartment in Singapore.

  18. Zark says:

    I saw i talk w agent i bought end unit. facing frontnAwesome compare w so many housing areas. Cant wait to intideco it!!

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