A picture i took at the outdoor hotspring of our hotel in Nagasaki.

Yeap i just wanted to sneakily snap a picture and make everyone jealous hehehe

Wait till you see the view!

Night view of Nagasaki.

You are not allowed to bring your phone into the onsen, but when i was there nobody is around so i quickly just sneakily snapped a few photos. This is all for you. You are welcome.

Don’t bring your phone into the onsen.

Because you might drop it into steaming bath and your phone dies forever.

At times like this, don’t you wish that somebody invents a phone where you can bring everywhere and put everywhere, including…

Don’t lie. I know you do that too.

And you also live in constant fear that one day you might lose your phone to the toilet bowl, or it decides to go for a shower too, or get so steamed it dies, or get frozen to death wtf. Although the last one is unlikely and it’s totally your own stupidity wtf.

Or you think that phone-in-toilet bowl will never happen to you until it does.

But in all case, we all wish that our phones are water safe so you can bring it everywhere, to the beach, into the sauna room, and you will never have to miss the fun of not throwing your friends into the pool at the party just because he will kill you after for murdering his phone.

And your prayer is answered.

An almighty protection called… LIQUIPEL.

It’s almost like condom except better because it’s invisible. You can’t feel it even if you want to.

Liquipel is a revolutionary technology, a Silver award winner of the Edison Award 2012 (honoring innovation and innovators), that makes your electronic device watersafe.

How does it work? Now this is tech stuff that makes me yawn but here’s the gist of it:

Liquipel technology is a process that involves applying a layer of nano-coating that is invisible to the human eye (as it is 1,000 times thinner than the human hair) to electronic devices, protecting them in the event of accidental exposure to liquids.

Think of it as magical fairy dusts that protects your phone from evil liquids.

And! It’s not just smartphones you can Liquipel! You can do it to anything, your cameras, your tablets, keys, dogs. I’m kidding. But yea that’s the concept.

I did a demonstration on a piece of Liquipelled tissue.

Left: Liquipelled tissue paper. Right: normal tissue paper.

Absolutely the same thing, and you couldn’t even feel anything on something as thin as tissue papers!

Squished some colored liquid on to the Liquipel tissue, and it just forms all these small water droplets all over it, like it’s a piece of lotus leaf.

I kept on wiping the tissue on all the water droplets but they just run away!!! i was honestly very amazed and it gave me this strange feeling when you feel that your logic has been short-circuit wtf.

So it does the same things to your devices!!

So to Liqupel your gadgets, just bring your device to the Liquipel service centre at Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park or to any one of its partner outlets at 1 Utama, Digital Mall or Low Yat Plaza, Kepong Jusco,OscarWangsa Maju and Oscar Rawang.

I fasterly had my phone Liquipelled too!


(matches my nails hurhur)

Still you can’t see or feel it, but when your sprinkle water on your phone you could see the same water droplet effect!

Left: Before Liquipel

Right: After Liquipel



And nao i can do things like this:

Taking pic of my feet in the pool. Hehheheh.




Prices start from RM189 for smartphones and RM239 for tablets.

Mention “Cheeserland” and get an RM39 voucher, which makes it only RM150 for smartphones 😀! Promotion ends 15 Jan 2013

For more info on Liquipel, call 03 5567 9928 or visit www.lqpasia.com. Also visit their Facebook Page!