This is a post in response to my previous “Japan, Thank you.” blog post. Sort of.


TBS Japan contacted me some time in August to be in their TV program about traveling. At first i was really suspicious about it because the email sounded super vague and dodgy.

And then during the meeting they said that i would be guest-starring in Akashiya Sanma san’s TV program and i was like, who is that. Then the producer looked at me disgustedly and the danna buried his face in palms.

I know. I don’t blame you either.

Anyway, Akashiya Sanma is only maybe the most famous , successful, talented, richest talent/comedian in the entire Japan. Who also has the longest wikipedia page i’ve ever read.

And my job was to introduce Malaysia. To Sanma san. As his guide.

Guys. All of you who wanted to throw obese virus with smelly fart on this blog for it being too Japoninceptionized, we are considered even now.

Because i just told the entire nation of Japan how fucking awesome our lok-lok is.


(Sorry, i’m not sure if i need to clarify this but i’m not being mean to you, nor imply that only fat people eat lok-lok, nor lok-lok makes people fat. The name of  the lok-lok truck is called “Fat One”, which i also had quite a trouble clarifying to Sanma san.)

Also because TBS’s viewership is probably 7 zombillion higher than my minuscule insignificant blog. Now you practically owe me.


It was a program about “Searching For The Most Desirable City To Live”, so now technically we are cooler than the Japanese. And i’m pretty sure i also just accidentally fulfilled my national duty for the next 30 lifetimes. (If i so luckily am born Malaysian again.)


So the episode was finally on air on 15th December, which i managed to catch since i was in Japan.

Here are some screenshot i took with my phone. At the screen. And is probably the correct definition of “screenshot”.

Sanma San and his sidekicks, Shoji and Jimmy arrived at KLIA.

(Even if you don’t know the other two, i confirm you saw Jimmy before, he is the TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN guy in the famous japanese variety show video)

The first thing they learned was “Bo-re Roko Ri Sini?” (Can i smoke here) lololol


Kuala Lumpur on Japanese national TV.


Jalan Alor.



Meeting the 3 of them at Twin Tower.

The filming was so…. fast i was fucking amazed. I’ve never done anything like this in my entire life. One scene is ONE TAKE, entirely unscripted and impromptu, and it will never take more than 15 minutes. Finished one scene, move on to the next immediately.

The three of them was also freaking funny i don’t know how they pull off so many jokes every single day, one after another. I was laughing more than i talked throughout the filming.

“Cheesie ordered a lok-lok truck and Jimmy was driving it”

“WTF is this.”

Dafug only the Japanese can describe lok-lok until so detailed.

Shoji eating lok-lok kangkung. His comment was “no taste wan.” lolol


Then Chiji also recommended local fruits to the 3 of them.

Dunno who said what , laugh die all of us.

Ranking for Malaysian fruits, Langsat got number one WTF.

Hairy fruit apparently not that desirable.

That’s all!


It was a very very fun filming not to mention the 3 of them was super charismatic i couldn’t believe it was them in real life i was talking to.

I also had my Deepavali hair that time. And it WAS Deepavali that day wtf.

With Japanese interpreter.

And the 3 funny men.

We can now all agree ad conclude that Japan and Malaysia are both fucking awesome countries. Everybody wins.