Haro brainwash time!

So many different types of Ichigo!

Super huge and shiny!

My nail against giant ichigo

A lot of people ask if this is fake. It’s real dude. Most flawless strawbie everrr

And i super love winter because it’s strawbie season! Which also means limited edition everything strawberry!!!


1. Ichigo tart

2. Kyushu limited ed Amao Ichigo Kit Kat

3. Ichigo cookie

4. Fukuoka Amao Ichigo Calpis omg

Morning Mac!

My first time having McGriddles!

Hello Banana

Cutest Snake Year New Year card ever!!!

Hello Kitty charm bracelet

My wedding nail

Discounted bento from convenient store


My usual lazy 8breakfast: rice with mentaiko topping lol

My lazy breakfast! Mentaiko + cucumber


Nagasaki Onigiri shop

All in ramen, including Mentaiko


Xmas Dinner Menu in 76CAFE Omotesando



Mentaiko & Shirauo sushi


Best Aburi Engawa (not sure what is it called in English) sushi omggg it just melts on your tongue T___T

Giant (real, not Cheat One) crabstick sushi

Ichiran Ramen, probably your favorite too right?? 😀

End of the year party!! 😀


Awesome healthy lunch at Omotesando Hills

Macaron Tower Cake


Another Hakuna Macaron!

Hakuna Macaron leveled up: Hakuna Chocoron


HaKUMA Macaron lolol (Kuma means bear in Japanese)

Heart shape ichigo dessert

Strawbie Xmas cake and Cream Puff Tower cake!


Hakuna Macaron cup

I don’t drink coffee but ordered this just for coffee art

Dessert-themed phone straps!

Dessert plate at Q-Pot cafe

Kid’s dresses


New sox



Cute? 😀


Ok that’s all!!



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