I’m starting to think that it has become my new religion.

It is starting to scare me that i have become so insanely religious that i can’t stop thinking and talking about it all. the. damn. time, to the extend that i am also preaching this new found faith to everyone around me (including all of you reading this right now). To the point my friend warned her roommate to stop talking to me, else she would be brainwashed and lose all her money (buying air tickets etc) wtf.

My devotion to this new belief is shocking even to myself. I apologize in advance in case anyone here find my incessant preaching revolting, and that i have become this evangelist who gives sermon about how Japanese air cleanses my soul. If that is the case, you can maybe skip this and read an old post about… a dish washer. Or something. Unless the dish washer is made in Japan. Then i apologize in advance, twice.

But i am a changed person.

Probably still look the same la but i know something has changed because i feel different about myself. Which is probably what a religious person would likely say to you. Touché.

And when i think about it, there are very few things in life that can change a person so much. Money (or the lack thereof), Love (or the lack thereof), Religion. The last one is very sensitive and potentially problematic so it’s better i don’t say too much.

I am 100% 走火入魔 (literally means walk fire enter magic/demon wtf) in this case.

Each time i fly to this country i get more possessed by it and want to go back more. I am also starting to suspect an airline conspiracy that involves in incepting everyone who flies. Which explains everything and now it makes perfect sense, when you think about it. Well played, airlines. You win.

Recently when i fly on the plane looking down, i always imagine i have arms so long that i am hugging the entire island wtf.

And then there was one day i was walking home from Omotesando back to Aoyama. It was a 20 minutes walk and it was dark and raining and fucking cold. Alone.

And the danna was still at work at 11PM.

And then this was exactly what was going through my head.

It is 11PM, the walk is long and it is dark and raining and fucking cold. The danna will not be back before midnight.

He is working such long hours. I have to walk home alone and eat alone. But i have to thank him for working so hard because it is all for me and our family. I must thank his company and this job for providing a chance for us to be in Japan right now.


Thank you, this city, for making me feel so safe on the road at night, alone.

Thank you, people who work midnight at combini so i can buy Oden for supper.

Thank you, people who built this road i am walking on.

Thank you, people who have to work at night in the cold.

Thank you, people who painted these road signs.

Thank you, people who have made these warm clothes.

Thank you, trees. (Honestly i didn’t know what has that got to do with the situation, but that’s what i thought at the moment la)

Thank you, everyone who have smiled and be nice to me.

Thank you, people who cook all the fucking delicious food.

Thank you, everyone who have touched me with their sincerity and helpfulness.

Thank you garbage truck who picks up all garbage.

(By the way, i have seen two garbage trucks so far, that have dirty plushies hung over behind the truck, including a Stitch. I was like WTF IS THAT and the danna said, probably unwanted toys from kids and the truck driver deicded that they are too cute to be thrown away. That, was one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen in my life. Serious. I went chasing after it for a picture for you guys but it was gone.)

Thank you, people who made TV programs so addictive you have to park your car aside to watch.

Thank you, people who made effort putting up all these beautiful Xmas illuminations.

And then i reached home.

Thank you, people who built and clean this building.

(Then i proceeded to thank 200 other things including bricks and heated toilet seats before i fell alseep.)




That’s probably my daily prayer after adopting this new… belief.

Then i thought, if something can change you to becoming a better person who is so happy and peaceful and grateful in general, it is probably better than religions since religions don’t even do that do people all the time.

And if you’d like now, i’d be happy to show you the path to… heaven. Or something. You just have to keep reading this blog. And your brain will combust and turn into mush.emo5

No la. Joke. I mean whether you convert or not it’s up to you.

Sorry that was a joke too. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me.

I will try to blog more about non-Japanese dish washers now.