*activates brain wash machine*

Just some pictures i took during my December trip to Tokyo!


Picnic date with RinRin ay Yoyogi ♡

Magic Hour was about 4PM, where everything glitters under the last sunlight, super pretty.

RinRin and i

YAY pose

i missed autumn in Japan this year so it was nice to at least still see some fallen leaves!

I am in Japan mostly in winter, next year must come back for real autumn ♡

Carpeted park

(We put the phone on the floor :P)


Went to a bunny cafe after!

But it was quite meh la. Zero bunny responded to me and they ran away from me like i’m a bunny repellent -_-


I want my tissue box to look like this

Then early Xmas dinner with Kawaii International team! Melody Yoko, Misha Jeanette and RinRin! All foreigners in Japan. Also about the only time i get to speak English!



Ninja restaurant at Akasaka.

Not super impressive but quite fun la! The “Ninjas” are really ridiculously fast (in motion), and the presentation of the dish was quite cool! Our quail egg miraculously turned into a roasted full quail in front of us lolol.


Illumination-spotting at Roppongi

Super cool!


Then it was date with the danna.

I added fake snow to this picture so it looks more romantic haha

Tokyo Tower was pink and blue

Then dinner at Odaiba, overlooking the rainbow bridge.

I really love how everything so simple seem so romantic in Japan ♡♡♡

Saw this when we went to pray in the temple.

(The danna is Christian and i am Cheeseian but we visit the Japanese temples most often)

Met up with Alisa Ueno (producer of F&V) in 109! Visit her store if you are in Tokyo!


Met up with Junna (a Japanese blog reader turned friend)

Went to F&V’s 2013 SS exhibition

Also ordered my ZOMBIE hat from her!

Can’t wait for spring!!


Also met up with Marina who was also in Kawaii Of The World. Her full name is Fujii Marina and she is a half too so everyone asks if she’s Lena’s sister lol.


Ok that’s all!

Brainwash again when free!




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