New Haos!

February 3, 2013 in Happenings / Useless fashion

We have a new haos!!!!!

Haha no la. Where got money buy T___T. Actually it is that the end of lease of the danna’s apartment so we moved back to my place.

I had been staying alone for so long i seriously didn’t have space for two people. And when we were together before getting married, half the time we were in Japan, then another half we have to divide between his place and my place. And i cannot count how many times i had to drive all the way to either house just because u forgot/needed something. Haih. Some of you will understand this lol.

But now we are officially moving in together!! And it was quite major renovation we did!! 😀

We changed an entire kitchen (so that i can start cooking -_-), changed the wallpaper in the entire haos. Sadly no more Liz Lisa theme, (but i’m sure Xiaxue understand la. Mike probably doesn’t wanna sleep under a bunch of flowers) but it also has been featured in news paper before so i consider its glory served la hahahhaha.

and convert the main bathroom into……

A walk-in closet.

The bathroom just has to… give way. Fashion is more important than shit. I’m sure you will agree that this sentence makes sense.

I also threw half my life away in this haos. But i guess it is to make space for… my other half. That makes hell lot of sense too.

But it’s quite drastic seriously, if i can’t decide if i should keep or let go an item, the default button is “throw“. It was quite thrilling to be honest, i know everybody can be a shopaholic, but this time i was really on a throwing spree. It was quite as fun as shopping.

And it is quite an strange feeling. I couldn’t believe that i could throw away so much things i thought i couldn’t live without before.

The danna is right la. 旧的不去新的不来 (old no go new no come wtf). Here’s to a new life together.
Pictures? Ok you got it.

Actually i didn’t really want to blog about it because most of the pictures are so ugly i need to enhance (or de-uglify) them with filters lol

This is how it looks when the contractor left our house. Quite amazed that they managed to clean it up to a level it has never been before lol.


And then one night later.

Haih lol.


Anyway we started unpacking all the boxes. We also got the contractor to custom-make a shoe cabinet and i opened it and to my absolute horror….



Excuse me, what about me?!


So then i complained to the danna and he said because the contractor didn’t give us enough shelves, the space was wide enough to insert many more shelves. So we ordered more and i happily wanted to put my share in the shoe cabinet. I opened it and again mortified….




So then i took the liberty to claim the entire walk-in closet lolol.

There were bags and bags of stuff i don’t even recognize myself.

And for a week my entire wardrobe was like this.


Can you believe for one freaking week, there wasn’t a walk-way to walk in my walk-in closet.

Finally a path to be seen.



It was one of the rare time i feel superiorly achieved in my life.

Although i guess there’s still room for improvement. Or… not. :X

Super super love my make up drawer!


And also , before you read on, i know some of you will be quite angry that i threw all these things away instead of giving it to you or someone you think need them, but aiya let me tell you that most of those things were not nearly as nice as you think they are, PLUS all had fungus grown on them too wtf (or i could be saying that to make you not feel upset hahaha).


Things went to the garbage room

30 pais of shoes. At least.

Shoes in this box were outed during 3rd round elimination. You guys simply not good enough for me anymore. Good bye.

Also i took this picture because i bought this pair of shoes maybe like 10 years ago for some stupid pageant crap, because i felt very insecure about my height lol. And get this: i thought it was the highest pair of heels i’ve ever seen (besides hooker boots).

I cannot believe female human legs have advanced and adapted so well during the past 10 years. 90% of the shoes in my closet now are HIGHER than these.


Shitty books + books i’m embarrassed to be seen on the shelf by anyone.



1. If you favorite author’s name is in this picture, i must clarify that the particular book which you felt offended that i threw away is full of infectious mold!! I didn’t have a choice.

2. The author you just mentioned is really awesome. I agree.




I also have like 50 pairs of jeans i’ve never seen before in my life WTF?!

Some were like bell-bottom WTF who put them here wan?!?



Oh my god i just realized all of you who are reading this are probably too young to share this sentiment with me haih. Nvm la go back listen to your K-pop next to the poster of Won Hyesooeunheewoo whoever.

*walks to one corner and talks to self*

Haha do i remember all these???? I know right! If i notice, i will realize that almost al the drama has Fukada Kyoko omg i loved her so much!!! Me too! Dunno how many times i cried and fantasize about a romantic scene happening to me lolol.

Ok i haven’t decided to keep or throw them away. Probably throw la since i can download these :X


KEEP (for nao)

Snow globes!

Made a half-ass effort to collect them, then kept going to Japan but apparently snow globes doesn’t exist in Japan so i don’t feel as passionate about this collection anymore.


The only physical photo i have.



Ok that’s all la. Ending with my new wallpaper.








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43 responses to “New Haos!”

  1. ANGEE says:

    Wah, your place looks so nice! I love it! Except for your danna’s messy shoe closet haha. I am in love with your nude ankle strapped wedges!

  2. Rin says:

    I just finished throwing out about 1/2 my wardrobe too! There is something so 爽 about throwing things away when you start cleaning and those things were things that you don’t know why you keep. 😀

  3. suanie says:

    me and kerol were reading this post together. all we said was.. omg..

  4. baby says:

    you should donate them not throw! is such a waste and there are people out there who can’t afford to buy them, you should donate to them.

  5. Cheesie says:

    Why!!! Why why why!

  6. Cheesie says:

    Like I said most of the items are not in good condition, don’t think other people no matter how under privilege want to wear a pair of moldy stilettos.

  7. Cheesie says:

    Yea!!! Exactly how I felt haha

  8. Cheesie says:

    Haha liddat also you can see

  9. Rachael Imm says:

    eliminating stuffs r the best way to spring clean. ^^ Btw, love ur closet design!

  10. vivienne says:

    OMG yes sophie kinsella is good! XD high 5?

  11. Ping Ping says:

    Nevermind, sometimes rubbish bin got people go and ‘spring clean’ one especially near CNY. I usually bring mine to give it to some organization who collects used stuff…of course after washing the mold away hehe…I gave away a bagful of clothes (considering that I don’t have much to begin with). But threw away shoes la..Shoes very disgusting want to give away..

  12. janice says:

    you should donate the books!! when i was a teen i really wanted to read those books but no money to buy 🙁

  13. Bella says:

    Your whole blog post made me LMAO! <3 I am so jealous of your walk-in closet 😛

  14. airmeli says:

    I love Fukada Kyoko a lot too. I totally can share that feeling… If you are throwing Fukada Kyoko vcd, can really throw to me. Anyway, your closet is pretty.

  15. Lilly says:

    I love snoopy nosy posts like these!! 😀 Wow, I’d be super heart-pain to throw so many pairs of shoes away @_@ Gonna have to chime in with the “should’ve donated” 😐 so you guys are staying there? Hahah, I laughed at “Won Hyesooeunheewoo “.

  16. KY says:

    doesn’t look unfamiliar to be honest. (the mess I mean) hahaha

  17. Candy Wu says:

    after looking at your post i could really feel your sweat and backaches in packing those stuff in your walk in wardrobe and seems like your danna is as fashionable as you with SO MUCH of shoes hahahahaa

  18. Eunice says:

    Cheesie, I like your apartment! Nice! Especially the walk in wardrode!

  19. Cheesie says:

    We had to sacrifice one toilet though haha so if two people also stomach ache then dai liao

  20. Cheesie says:

    Last time got baby K

  21. Cheesie says:

    Seriously he has more shoes than me I swear

  22. KY says:

    I miss baby K…

  23. Poh Sian says:

    Hello cheesie!nI love your haos! Neither before nor afternFinally!!!!!! I made my very first comment after couple of years! wtf :p

  24. SIm says:

    Cheesie, I want all the DVDs especially “God, Pls give me mroe time”…. i love Fukada kyoko too

  25. Cheesie says:

    Me too :,((((

  26. Cheesie says:

    Haha and also your first purchase!!! Thanks so much!!!

  27. Cheesie says:

    Come get from me la haha

  28. Poh Sian says:

    Aww! You remember me, you remember me, you remember me!!!!!! lolxxx I’m super touched! T___________TnYou’re the most welcome my dear. ;DnI missed the pink two-piece knit shirt! Will grab it if you all able to restock it! Hehe

  29. ConstanceSQ says:

    I laugh out loud when I read this “Nvm la go back listen to your K-pop next to the poster of Won Hyesooeunheewoo whoever.” Hahaha won hyesooeunheewoo whoever! XD XD

  30. Candy Wu says:

    Haha omg lo

  31. Candy Wu says:

    R u sure yr walk in closet space is secured :X

  32. melody says:

    Looking gorgeous as always! he has quite a few pink shoessss hehe 🙂 nout with the old and in with the new! perfect!!! 🙂

  33. OmoshiroiYa says:

    hi Cheesie! nnFinally you’re in da hse with your danna! Your fashion style is amazing that it motivated alot of people and I love reading your blog about fashion and most of all, Japan! It has given me so much inspiration to go to Japan someday!nnCan I know if I could contact you for review on items on my blogshop?n to hear from you~ <3

  34. Evy says:

    Nice job gorgeous! We’re redecorating/cleaning up our place too and there’s no path yet over here LOLOL!!!nn

  35. Cheesie says:

    You can email me at 🙂

  36. masit says:

    Foruchizu coordinate really nice o 🙂

  37. oli says:

    this wallpaper is horrible :____________________/

  38. starmist says:

    His shoes….. …. -_-“

  39. Jess says:

    I just love that walk in closet…that is all.

  40. Miu says:

    we’ve got this saying here, which (very loosely translated) says rn”never throw away a book because written words are the key to wisdom” rni know it’s stupid, but we learn this from an early age and it still makes me cringe if i see someone getting rid of books.

  41. crystel says:

    Oh gosh, Cheesie you are so humorous! Yeap, how to keep infectious mouldy things?? gross only. enjoy ur new house!! :Dn

  42. Yukzi says:

    Love your blog! All the outfits are amazing! Just fell in love with thedesigncloset and Foruchizu!!!

  43. Jessica says:

    Omg you should NEVER throw away shoes!!!!!! Especially ones as fabulous as those! I would’ve taken them in a heartbeat! And shoes can always be donated or recycled. Never throw away! My heart breaks!!!!

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