Have you ever had a mole grown overnight on your face?

I have.

One day i woke up there’s just an extra dot on my face. I tried to wipe it off but unfortunately it just wasn’t a stain.

And then there are also some dark spots around the cheeks,maybe it’s the sun (been going outdoor more often because follow the danna to go surfing), or maybe it is just age T__T

When you all are around this age i guess you just have to make friends with dark spots and uneven skin tone. They are not going away. Just make peace with them.

Actually you can go for laser ($$$$), but for now i will just stick with the multi-award winning, globally successful product for uneven skin tone: Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.

(If you need supporting stats, Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is sold every 11 seconds around the world.)

So how did this bottle win 72 international awards in the beauty industry???

The powerful formula can help fade the appearance of dark spots and hyper pigmentation due to aging, years of accumulated sun damage, past blemish marks, for a more even skin tone and radiant complexion.

It’s verified that you will see 58% improvement in skin tone after using Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector for 12 weeks.



I have heard so much about this favorite product to erase damage, and now i’m finally trying it myself for 3 months.

So how is it different from any other similar product you have heard in the market?

One thing my friends and i (and probably all of you too) know about Clinique is that they are famous for being the leading dermatological brand, all their products are all dermatologist developed, allergy tested, and 100% fragrance free.

My longest friend Ichigo has been using it for years because she has sensitive skin and nothing else would suit her. For me i’m a bit lucky that i am alright with most products and brands.

But most of the skin lightening products in the market will contain this chemical called “hydroquinone” that might cause allergy/irritation, (you can google it and read the potential danger of it).

It is true because when i was younger i was so obsessed with fair skin that i slab tons of whitening creams on my face everyday, in the end all i got was irritated red skin, sometimes it got itchy, so i scratched it, then it got inflamed and left me even more uneven skin tone. The irony of it!!!

So this hydroquinone, if it’s too little it might not work but it’s too high undoubtedly it’s really bad for your skin, because it’s a prescription drug. And in the medical industry, the gold standard of treating hyper-pigmentation is 4% of hydroquinone.

And in this case, Clinique has this all-natural, chemical free formulation that actually matches 4% hydroquinone, without the presence of hydroquinone itself. Good news or what!!!

It is gentle enough for year round use, and is ideal for people who cannot tolerate other skin brightening treatments.

This serum is good for all skin types and ethnicities!

I apply it twice a day after cleansing and toning, just spread it evenly over entire face and let it work its magic.

The texture is very lightweight, and feels very silky and velvety, and of course zero-irritation! I like how it creates a soft film that sticks to the skin so you can apply other product (mosturizer, sun block, BB cream, etc) over it.


The Clinique staff recommended using the Even Better make up foundation together, which also has the similar ingredients that help skin tone correction!!

My god i think it is revolutionary, in the future, just imagine, all make up will become skin care at the same time (treatment cosmetic)!

(Actually off topic a bit, hair dye nowadays has already come as treatment form, means not only doesn’t it damage your hair, it treats it. Cosmetic soon!!!!)

Imagine again, the more you apply make up the more beautiful you become without it too! Now it doesn’t sound so ridiculous anymore haha.

But one step at a time!


Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, priced at RM245 for 30ml and RM340 for 50ml.

It’s a bit expensive and quite small bottle T__T but it will be enough to last you until you see the result as it promises! So it’s all worth it right 😀