The most pungent blog post ever.

March 12, 2013 in Just Punny

I just herb to do this. (Already posted this on Twitter but here’s for easy viewing)

Because i know you miss me like this. And because it is awesomesauce.

Anyway the story is. One day i was cooking beef stew at home. And i unaccidentally (it’s not a real word, but it is now, because i just made it.) put too much thyme in the soup and it tastes like cow food. It’s a pot of irony. If you think about it.

So i sort of freaked out and i sought help from Oli, who is apparently living in a field in France, and who probably talks to plants all the time so he sounds like exactly the kind of person who can solve my soup drama.

I was like

Ok so i totally overthymed it what should i do now?


And then i posted this on Twitter and this Kuahjenhan had to chive in and condiment me.


The end.

I mean, it’s all a bit corny but i too kinda miss posting in this category again, and to show that my pun skill memang tiada masala.

More pungent stuff cumin soon.

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  1. HAHA nice one!

  2. Yayyy! 🙂

  3. HAHAHAHAHA this is amazing. nn

  4. Funny!

  5. This is the awesomest puns ever!nhow nice if we cud talk this way in life, lots of “brain damage”nlol!!!n

  6. isabellmiao says:

    Lololololololol I wished I had a friend who can chat like this with me tooooo!!!

  7. lol like! n

  8. Bahiyah Khalid says:

    Hahaha… you guys are craaaazeeeyyy!!! I LIKE IT!

  9. LOL! you are reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good at this!

  10. Lol cheesie. That was hilarious. You pull my lasagna.

  11. thecoffeecat says:

    epicccc post, laughed so loud i ruined the peas and quiet! 😀

  12. Hahaha love this post! Great to have punny friends XD

  13. hahaha the ‘tiada masala’ got me!you’re adorably punny la cheesie ^^

  14. HAHAHAHAHA this is very funny! 😀

  15. Clove this topic already!

  16. afif shafie says:

    hahah very nice!! I was laughing all the time

  17. thatgirlnamedmandy says:

    hahaha cheesie the queen of puns!

  18. Hahah u definitely have not lost ur skills..

  19. Post of the year :DnnManonnn

  20. Wah, you certainly spiced up my day! You are the master of the game!! 😀

  21. Cheesie you berry punny leh lolol.

  22. Hahah this post is awesome, so clever. I’m from the gold coast, hope u had a great time when you were here cheesie, love your blog 🙂

  23. I did , thanks so much:)

  24. Hehe thanks

  25. Awesome 😀

  26. Haha thankiu

  27. *happy tears*

  28. :DDD

  29. Glad you did!

  30. HAHA you guys are all so good! I think your blog is where I was first consciously exposed to puns :O

  31. Great one, thoroughly enjoyed reading through that. =) Glad that you blogged about it!

  32. thanks so much 😀

  33. Thanks a lot! i miss those time too T_T

  34. Love it! Queen of pun is indeed you, Cheesie lol

  35. I read this over and over again and it is still very entertaining! You’re the best! Thank you

  36. Hahaha you’re so funny!! Started reading you bc of your pretty japanese style, but never thought I would be this wittily entertained!

  37. just found your blog and LOL-ed so hard! so creative lah nn

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