this post is.

This is today!!

I hardly blog pictures i take on the same day but excited to share!! (Although  you may have seen them already on my Instagram)

(Also if you are wondering why i have a heart/shape rib cage, it’s actually Hokkairo (heat pack) i stuck on the inside of my shirt because it is SO COLD. T___T My so called big heart is actually just a heat pack lololol)


One of the prettiest sakura i’ve eve seen.

Later i found out that it is actually plum blossom, not sakura. They bloom just a couple of weeks earlier than sakura.

Yoyogi Park is extremely quiet, have never seen any sakura spot so humanless before. Mainly due to the untimely rain.

Also it is nearing the end of full bloom, but feel sooooo lucky to still be able to catch it!

Rinrin and i

Jacket and pastel tights from Foruchizu!



This is a picture of us

This is a picture of us taking a picture of us taking a picture of us. #Photoception

Finally, this is a picture of the picture.



We were trying to capture the sakura behind us but our hands are only so long, so we did this to anyhow force the sakura on us lololol.

Tomorrow we are going for Yozakura (night sakura)!


Update again soon!

It’s very very romantic and pretty too!