Rinrin and i are on a hanami (sakura viewing) spree!

We have been walkin 10 hours a day non stop from 10am to midnight, 3 days in a row, just to catch ALL the sakura in Tokyo before it is gone. And yesterday was Disneyland! Today is a rest day so i have some time to update :3

And i also like to click on #sakura on Instagram just to see different sakura in a different location posted by a different person. They are all so beautiful.

I think this time of the year (end of Mar, early Apr) really is the best time to come to Japan, if you plan to come to Japan and still deciding which season is better.

The downside is that the tourist crowd is crazy, so do expect to have to line up for a lot of things, and some of the things you want sold out. But the up side is that apart from the scenery, the entire city also feels so jovial!

Everybody seems to be in a happy mood, they laugh and  drink and talk and smile (and some get too drunk). Families bring their kids out to enjoy the pink festive season and people in business suit would use a lunch break to sit on a bench underneath the cherry blossom, and everybody is taking loooooots of pictures. It feels like an entire city is on holiday.

I short video i took during yesterday’s hanami at Kinuta park with RinRin and Misha. There was a bunch of people singing and dancing during picnic the happiness was just so infectious.

They are actually singing a song (super catchy now it’s stuck in my head -_-) about nama biru (draught beer) lolol.

Anyway pictures of Yozakura (night sakura)!


This is at Nakameguro, the same place i accidentally discovered last year when i was strolling alone.

Rinrin underneath sakura trees




Both of us can get high on orange juice but still wanted to buy pink champagne just for the mood lol.





Lots of fallen petals on the ground too





That’s all for today!