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Today i’m introducing another Japanese beauty product!

I am currently taking many beauty products at the same time, including collagen drinks, placenta jelly, and now whitening also, and they are all Japanese brands because so far i’m loving all of them and so my entire kitchen is also filled with Japanese beauty products and supplement. 😀

Today the one i want to introduce is HAKUBI WHITE C series from Sato.

Sato is a Japanese pharmaceutical company that is almost 100 years old!! I always buy over the counter flu pills for cold in the pharmacy when i was in Japan, didn’t know now they have beauty products too.

HAKUBI WHITE C is a series of products that give you whitening effect from within.

Ok speaking of whitening.

Actually if i’m quite honest i’d say i still quite 在意 (bothered) that i am so easily tanned and super hard to get fairer T__T. And i already gave up on whitening skin care products many many years ago cuz they don’t work wan. Even if they do it’s very temporary wan. T__T

Obviously just like 1000 years ago 一白遮三丑, it probably still applies until today lo. Case in point, which one better?

Haha yea that’s my original skin tone T__T

I apologize for making you feel cheated with whitening filters T___T

I see the girls in Harajuku they can do any sort of bizarre make up and still look cute and i discovered that it is because they are so damn fair. If you have quite tan skin and still die die want to apply super pale lipstick you will risk looking like prostitute or transvestite wtf.

Which is why when the danna goes surfing i will just hide inside his surfboard cover and sleep (true story) when there isn’t a shade at the beach T___T

Actually i also cannot stress enough how bad the sun is for your skin! The danna also has very bad sun spots because he goes to the sea and get exposed so often!

Anyway now i am trying:

The whitening trio!





Looks like this inside the package!



This is the fastest because it gets absorbed quicker into your system. The specially formulated essences will penetrate into every skin cell to repair skin, lightens pigmentation and helps tighten pores and lighten acne scars!

It actually has a very mild taste, a bit like energy drink minus caffeine and not very sweet! You should take one bottle a day and it only has 23kcal!!



This is for people with severe blemishes such as freckles and pigmentation.

OMG did you know that mole can grow overnight?!?!?!?!

The other day i woke up with one very obvious spot near my chin, i swear it just grew while i slept. I dunno why it happened?!?

Anyway i am trying this tablets as it sounds very powerful! It is formulated with higher content of L-Cysteine and Vit C for enhanced skin whitening, and also Calcium Pantothenate that enhances whitening effect.


For adult, take two tablets , 3 times a day.



Very very coincidentally, the day i receive this product was also the day danna ask me “do you have any cream for sunburn?” after coming back from Cherating for surfing.

And i gave him this gel and he was very happy lolol.

This is a light, cooling gel that dries quickly, help soothe sunburn and also a perfect spot-treatment for pimples and acne.

It’s not greasy nor sticky, i feel like it smells very edible though, like slightly roasted caremel… ginger cookie?! Haha

Hope the two of us will have spotless clean and fair skin soon!! 😀


If you are in Singapore, you can get this easily at Guardian, Watsons, Unity, Nishino Pharmacy, Robinsons, John Little, Metro, SASA, Mustafa and Venus.


If you are in Malaysia, Hakubi White C Plus tablets and Hakubi White C Gel are now available in selected Sasa outlets!


Also, wanna know the good news? 😀

Jeng jeng jeng jeng….


For those of you who always want to go to Japan, there’s your chance to win a 4D/3N trip to Tokyo for 2!

Go check out the Hakubi Mobile Club for more info!


26 responses to “HAKUBI WHITE C”

  1. vanessa says:

    Im thinking of buying the pill when i go japan!! i wonder if it works for acne scars though!

  2. Kimee Tay says:

    hey cheesie, I was wondering, at what age should a person start taking collagen? 🙂

  3. rachel says:

    cheesie even tho if you’re tan YOU’RE STILL SO PRETTY WTF T-T kinda reminds me of ganguro but more refined and glamorous

  4. angel says:

    Hope this works! 🙂 read somewhere though that if you want fast/visible results IV glutathione treatment is the way to go if you want to go shades lighter than actual skintone. nnI love your makeup!!! So pretty and sophisticated

  5. angel says:

    🙂 can’t wait for feedback on how effective this is. i love your mode style makeup!

  6. murderface says:

    Speaking as a pasty Asian, I really… Don’t see why whitening is necessary? I guess Asians look better fair because we get yellow when we tan, but staying out of sun solves that nicely. Agree 100% about sun damage!! Cheesie, you aren’t pretty despite of tan. You’re damn pretty and being fair, tan or even purple wouldn’t change that!!

  7. millionmars says:

    It’s indeed every girl’s dream to be whiter 🙂 Good post!

  8. ahlost says:

    how to collect points if we’re in malaysia? or the contest only for those in Singapore?

  9. Gerri says:

    My skin is at its best when I’m taking both this pills and the other orange bottle pills also fr sato. Skin is fairer and less oily!

  10. Fan says:

    Those were your wedding nails! You made this advertorial so long ago??!!

  11. Joanne says:

    I realised moles are evolved from tiny embedded scabs which aren’t scratched off over time. especially popped pimples!

  12. Amanda says:

    Harlo, love your great writings! Was wondering, if you’re taking so many different kind of supplements, do you take all of them in one day or alternate?? BTW love your review on DHC Collagen 😀 Have a great day!

  13. Ana says:

    I guess as a pasty white person I really don’t get why you would want to be whiter. All the caucasian girls are doing tanning beds and tanning lotions to look like you!nYou’re beautiful as you are and I would be really worried what is in that stuff. If it’s making you whiter it can’t be good for you.

  14. Cassie says:

    is it ok to take so many beauty products and supplements? Ur skin is really good. aww..

  15. Mini says:

    I want to be fairer too

  16. Mini says:

    I remember your post about tan being your surname haha

  17. Love Jam says:

    You look good tanned too :P. I think sometimes the grass is greener on the other side cos I am more to the fairer side but I wanna have tanned skin, healthier looking, like yours =)

  18. paulien says:

    And here I am looking for for selftanning products and tanning bed discounts to look darker and healthier for the summer, world of difference

  19. chika says:

    What do you mean? The sun is good for your skin ^^, but overexposure is bad. But then again, too much of anything is bad anyway. How do we know all this treatment isn’t damaging in the long run? But what do I know, I’m originally African and my vitamin D levels are super low, so I need the sun.

  20. Gweeny says:

    You LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have started this White C atleast 17-19 weeks ago, looking at your bridal nails. Till the day you posted this advertorial, you still see no result, not even a minimal improvement at all? Either this product is a waste of money, or you just a liar to cheat all your readers.

  21. xy says:

    But at Q100 for great deals. Bought two bottles of 360pills at around 100sgd.

  22. charmingqueer says:

    Honestly I think the tan suits you best, I can’t imagine you a fair color. I love your overall golden colour. I myself am tan, not as much as you, but I love it and enjoy tanning. I really enjoyed this post and might try some products myself. I’ve never thought of trying supplements before.

  23. Darlyngirl says:

    Hi, I just wanted to ask^^
    Can age 19 take this HAKUBI WHITE C Tablets?
    How long If have to take it to see my whole body whitening just like you?^_^
    I hope U will reply. I will be waiting$_$

  24. Yong says:

    where can buy this Hakubi white in malaysia ? i went to few sasa show also cant get ady .

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