This time around it was a lot more fun than the last time.

Except that last time it was by air planes. This time, we drove through 4 countries in 1 day.


So in case you have lost track, our itinerary so far was like this:

KL – (flight) ISTANBUL (transit) – ATHENS (boat) – SANTORINI (flight) – ROME (train) – VENICE

And we had no idea where we should head to after Venice. The danna said let’s go to Germany, so we hopped on a night train to Munich.

I was so glad we did that!!!

We have blown our budget quite a bit because Rome and Venice was unexpectedly expensive. So this night sleeper train was a great way to save time and money!! We paid 150 euro each for a first class double cabin, and it saves us the hotel money since we actually sleep in the train, and when we wake up we will be in a new country!!

A moving double decker.

It was super narrow and if you are not good with confined space you are fucked, but for me it’s really A LOT better than what i imagined it to be (fleece blue blanket possibly with bed bugs and stains)!

Train party


Breakfast just before arriving Munich.

Guten Tag!!!

So the first thing we did was to get our ride. The danna blew the rest of our travel budget on a BMW wtf. (Initially he wanted a Porsche or something but if we can afford to rent that we may as well buy a small car)

This is going to be our hotel for the next 4 days and we will eat German rocks and drink German air to survive.


Drove around Munich city and then promptly made an exit for the AUTOBAHN!!! (German highways with no/not really speed limits)

We drove South to Fussen, where the Cinderella castle is!


It is very beautiful except that it was supposed to look like this on a post card:


It was too late to get an entry ticket, so we left and drove to the next destination (we had no idea where.)

So we bought a Europe map in a bookstore, and we literally pretty much just pointed at a location near-ish and key it into the GPS

And the danna insist he wanted to go to Liechtenstein, a country (an actual country) which name we can’t even pronounce

And off we drove something like 150KM to Liechtenstein.

And then we drove around the city Vaduz (the capital of Liechtenstein), and we were done in 5 minutes

We finished touring a country in 5 minutes.

And the danna was like, “ok next country please”.

And i had to look up the map and it seemed like we were boardering Switzerland, and the nearest touristy town was St Moritz. So we made for the Autobahn again.

Except that there was no Autobahn. It was pure 135KM of windy narrow drivepath INTO THE ALPS.

As we drove further, we were geting more and more freaked out.



Snow. Freaking. Mountains.

Around us.

The temperature indicator says -1C.

All we had in our luggages was shorts and bikini prepared for Santorini.


This is why deciding a trip by pointing at a random spot on a map sometimes doesn’t work very well.

But anyway, it was totally worth it.

Switzerland is crazy beautiful and all the shivering in a hoodie was well worth it.

Also, along the day trip we also passed by Austria, even though i didn’t really have a camho picture with an Austrian flag but my telco told me so.


After that we left Switzerland and hit Germany again.

I also told Amie about it (she was very excited for my Weddingmoon even after i left Santorini and is stalking me closely)

She said my danna is Michael Schumacher and asked if he’s gonna drive to Barcelona too.

The end.

Not really. Because the journey continues.