4 countries in 24 hours.

November 11, 2011 in Cheese-offs

Is a lot less fun than i expected it to be (not like i expected it in the first place.). Not even the Flag Showing part. I bet even Phileas Fogg doesn’t feel this stressed. Plus he actually won the bet.

After Berlin-Doha-Singapore and somewhere in the limbo, i’m finally home.

Anyway so yesterday i blogged about how Qatar totally fucked up and caused me and other 7 passengers to miss our flight back to KLIA. So they put us onto the next available flight via Singapore, then a transfer again and back to KLIA at last.

Guess what?

They delayed and landed in Changi airport late, causing us to miss our flight back to KLIA.


We ran like mad panting hyenas from terminal to terminal to find out that the gate had closed.

I didn’t even say a word. Troll fate, i succumbed myself to you. 24 hours without shower and keep having to keep track of new time zones and having eaten repetitive plane food, i was almost delirious and felt like it is a limbo i couldn’t get out from.

Hours later, we boarded the plane and flew happily ever after. Until an infant creature decided to wail non stop. I briefly considered wailing out loud myself, but thought better of it. Instead, i just stood up, walked to the source of deafening noise and gave it a tight slap. Then the mother of said infant creature looked at me in shock and i called her some names that belong to domesticated animals and then she punched me back and followed by a huge commotion on the plane and the pilot had to stop the plane on some obscure island that looks like LOST where we got stuck for two whole months and survived on only algae and possum carcasses before a Chimera appeared, set the island on fire and nommed everyone.

So this blog post you are reading now is actually written by the dead me sent via a phantom morse code.


And judging the way i behaved the past twenty something years in my life i am pretty sure i just flew first class straight to hell. Hello, you, you, and you, and the whole bunch of you over there, hope to see you soon.

So yea, that’s the story about my flight from Europe.

Except that everything after the infant creature’s cry only happened in my head out of delirium. But i would totally understand and even nod in utter agreement if that actually happened, because it was that kind of hellish journey it has been.

Anyway, the real story does not end here.

So we were put on the next available SQ flight to Kuala Lumpur. We boarded safely, and the plane delayed.


For crippled alien knows what reason.

And then when we finally landed at KLIA, i waited 45 minutes for my luggage and it was no where in sight. Apparently they fucked up the luggage too so i had to go home and wait for them to call me for news.

Seriously, at that point of time, i was ready to meet the fire breathing Chimera at the Luggage Lost and Found department. Murphy Law has it, i will actually be shocked instead if they didn’t lose my luggage.



I don’t think it’s Qatar’s fault that all these happened. It could very well be my own fault for all i know. When i checked in at Berlin Tegel airport my luggage limit was 23KG. i had 2KG extra. Some grumpy old German woman insisted i pay for the fee, which i insisted otherwise so i spent a lot of time taking out stuff from my luggage for hand carry instead. Maybe that’s why the plane was late in Germany and in Doha and in SG and in KLIA. It’s just bad karma recycled again and again and again.

So i am all at peace with the airline and myself. Feeling zen and all that jazz. In fact, i felt so zen that even a Bohdi tree would come to life and tear in enlightenment.

Also because my flight was delayed three times, it should mean that i am, literally, JET-LAGGED X3. I can only hope to assume that it gives me some sort of latent aero Super Power.

Also, i’m not even sure what i am talking about anymore.  I need a strong drink. Or maybe i already had one, which is why i talked like this.

Either that, or i really am sending this through phantom morse code, you all.


that i got incepted on the flight.

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35 responses to “4 countries in 24 hours.”

  1. Kf says:

    stop this inception once and for all. :dunno:

    *stuck in limbo filled with cheesy everywhere* *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*

  2. A.Y says:

    have a good rest and you’ll be cheesing all your way making more sense~~~goodnite.. 😉

  3. Jamilla says:

    Get some rest, poor thing!! Take Care!

  4. Miss Jo Ma says:

    4 countries in one day?? dayym you must have felt jet lagged all through out your journey..yes i agree, I don’t think its fun to be travelling in 4 countries in one day besides you only get to enjoy holiday properly if you take your time enjoying the tourists spots!

    Miss Jo Ma

  5. hitomineko says:

    o wow that’s pretty tough. Although I am a little jealous that u always get to travel everywhere. Have a good rest now!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  6. blekming says:

    That’s the deepest post you have ever wroe that I’ve ever read!

  7. B34st says:

    Agreed, best post ever
    I reall enjoyed the assault upon the child,however, punching the mother would have been even better
    Feisty little one arent you 😉
    Most Chinese women are scary

  8. francesca says:

    when it rains, it pours! it’s all end now, have a good rest, rin – must do shower bathing (mandi bunga) don’t know what do you say in Malay … it’s like washing away all the bad thing

  9. jilliancat says:

    Have a good rest Cheesie. 🙂 hopefully something good will pop out in the near future.

  10. ash :) says:

    Hopefully you’ll feel better after a good rest! :3

  11. Amy says:

    At least your sense of humor hasn’t been lost with your luggage. Thanks for entertaining us with your mishaps and I hope things get back to normal soon =)

  12. Glo-w says:

    Poor Cheesie stuck in limbo. I’ll gladly give you a good kick. Well at least you live to tell the tale and you have bragging rights. en zen….stress will make you age faster so quickly open up 9gag or lolcats and have happy happy thoughts~ Welcome back~

  13. ah yes, the travelling horror stories that happens in airports or planes… All my life I’ve been unsuccessful on avoiding this situation to no avail.

    The sounds of babies crying that feels like a buffalo just did a diarrhoea dump in your ear, the smell of people taking of their shoes while in flight, the people in the airport who cant seem to get your flights right +cannot speak english properly (just to pile in your misery).

    Get some rest and hope you feel better! 😀

  14. JayJay says:

    Your the hottest gal in the world!

  15. Jellster says:

    Hihi… This is one deep post, and U totally sound different. I am sorry your tale of misfortune turn out to be such a FUN read 😆 . Get a long and well deserved rest and I can’t wait for your next adventure~! 😉

  16. Cass says:

    Hope u’ll feel less jet-lagged soon! The nice photos n shopping shld cheer u up 🙂

  17. EvaRuri says:

    That’s one hell of a experience I wouldn’t want to ever have :@

  18. ahlost says:

    Waaaaaaaahh.. sorry to hear that..

    but I’m sure you’re very much better now 😆

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