We will be flying off tonight!! For one month!

In case you guys forget about me, this is a reminder to remind you not to forget about me wtf.

Also the both of us suddenly gain a lot of weight so it’s going to be a Big Fat Greek Wedding T__T


We will fly to Istanbul -> Athens -> Santorini, then have our big fat greek wedding with Sunrisegreece , go back to Athens and fly direct to Rome, from then on we are absolutely clueless for now lol.



Final packing and cleaning today.



Also did my wedding nails

Then have to have my left index finger’s gel removed for voting.

The nail shop staff is very very nice la! She told me gel-off service is RM50, but i said i only wanna remove one finger lol. And then she found out that’s it’s for voting, so she didn’t charge me in the end! Thank you!!


After that becomes liddis hahahah.


But since it is in-indelible ink, now it is no more blue liao hehehhe.





Colored my hair again at Number76, this time in Mid Valley Northpoint!

The new hair trend is super healthy long hair that is shiny and smooth!

Graduate from crazy colors, and go for quality texture 😀

The color is mixed with collagen powder (available soon), and it is super amazing shiny and healthy looking!


Before and after

(Magic treatment + color mixed collagen powder)

Actually before is not THAT bad la hahaha cuz i didn’t wash the night before and i haven’t had time to maintain it :X

Quite magic right!!! Any more magical than that we have to call it Najib Treatment already.


Hair also grew to waist length! I’m also quite surprised myself that i could keep it this long.

Ok that’s all!



Also, Chiji made it to Japanese magazine!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Majesty Japan is a new magazine that targets otona gyaru! The latest June issue has Suzuki Emi on the cover.

They also feature 7 fashionholic’s latest summer trend report, these people include

Jillian Kate, Alisa Ueno, Kushido Yuria, Aoyama Thelma and……..


Jeng jeng jeng….






Same pages with some of my fav fashion icons, so happy!


With Majesty Japan team.


Behind the scene

The clothes are all lease items from EMODA, and i had to wear an L size for shoes hahaha

Changed back to All-Star when doing half-body lol

The location is Harajuku!!



See you in Europe!