I got a new camera!! 😀

And this is not an ad, because i really really love this new camera!

I haven’t been holding a real camera for so long, ever since iPhone changed my entire life. 99% of the photos you see on my blog/Instagram for the past two years or so are all taken by my iPhone. Including the entire Weddingmoon trip T__T. Honestly it’s doing not a bad job at all, especially with millions of photo editing apps available.

I got so used to it that i became complacent, and i sort of forgot (or deliberately ignore) how taking good quality photos feel like.

But when i played around with the new Lumix GF6, i was shocked how much i have compromised in quality all these while and almost regret i didn’t bring a real camera during my Weddingmoon trip. Imagine all the pictures would have looked 10 times better!!!


This is the first pic i took with this camera lol.

I think the biggest reason why i sort of stopped using a camera even when i’m traveling is that it’s so troublesome! For me as a blogger everything is about “real time”. What i do nao, what i see nao, and share it with you all. By the time i upload the pictures to my PC, edit, and then share with you all it’s already 1 month late wtf.

So this Lumix GF6 has WiFi!!!!!

I know some cameras out there already have this function, but i refused to buy them due to loyalty issue lolol.

But hey i love Lumix and i think this camera has everything i ever need.It’s compact, comes with fashionable colors, doesn’t make me look like a geek, HAS A FLIP SCREEN FOR SELFIES, and loads of awesome creative filters! I will elaborate one by one.

It also comes in other standard manual functions but to be honest i can’t really be bothered to use them, because of this one thing:

(picture of the camera is taken by iPhone hor. Don’t mistake the less perfect quality.)

1. Intelligent Auto Mode

iA mode, namely the intelligent auto mode. It’s ridiculous accurate i think it makes the rest of the manual setting obsolete.


2. Flip Screen

No camera in this world should me made without a 180degree flip/tilt screen. That should be illegal.


3. Creative filters

90% of the time i use the silky skin mode lolol. Ahem. But yea this camera so far also has the best selection of creative filters, and actually useful, i mean, who still uses SEPIA/B&W these days??

These are the few filters GF6 offers that i find the most helpful: Clear in Backlight, Romantic Sunset Glow, Appetizing food, Cute Dessert, and of course my fav Silky Skin hahaha.


4. WiFi, WiFi.

Most important, yes? Upload instantly to the web, but i mostly upload it to my iPhone via WiFi, and then edit them then only publish! 😀

So now i can instantly Instagram high quality photos too 😀



Ok picture time!

Left: iPhone. Right: GF6. Which one more likely to go Popular Page leh hahaha.

Taken with “Cute Dessert” mode and edited with LINE camera! (Pop page. lolol)

Taken with GF6, no edit.

Uploaded to iPhone and then Instagram!!


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With Silky Skin filter, edited with external filter.



Ok that’s all! Update again when i have more pictures ^^