This is the second part of my Weddingmoon in Santorini, and it is the actual ceremony!

A few of you were very shocked to find out it was a wedding ceremony just for the two of us and sound like were are both orphaned and have no friends lol. Foreveralone. Ok la at least we foreveralone together lolol. I’m fine with that hahaha.

Actually we have done it in Japan and Malaysia already, which is why this is a “Weddingmoon” for us!

So even if you want to have your ROM in your own country which all of us totally understand— tea ceremony, chee mui heng dai, i get it. Do everything your mother father gentleman style!!

But after all the stress and pleasing your parents and in-laws (more often than not most weddings are for other people rather than the two very people who are marrying each other lol), you can still choose to live this dream wedding of yours in Santorini. Do you also know that you can have legal wedding in Greece that also is valid in Malaysia, as SunriseGreece help you handle all the documentation!

With SunriseGreece, you get to choose the kind of wedding YOU want. More casual/romantic/intimate/crazy hahaha. But i didn’t want to fuss over all these things, so i just Pinterest lots of pictures i like to share with Amie, she was like “okay i think i got what you want.

And here’s what she conjured up!!!

Jeng jeng…


Like post card right???

I know. Even on iPhone it looks so amazing. In real life it is even better because there was warm breeze, it was a sunny but not too hot day, and everything is super simple with a romantic touch!


The theme was pastel, mostly white and pink!


Amie also got me two gigantic glasses of almond candies (that looks like white rock) that i casually mentioned to her i liked. I cannot believe she took all these small details into account and personalized my taste better than i myself can wtf.


Amie with my wedding cake. Which is a strawberry flavor pink marble cake decorated with roses!


While we waited at the wedding place for the set up (we had plenty of time after the morning photoshoot session), so we took more photos at the grand villa, me in my wedding dress and the danna in his casual Santorini coordinate lol.


I’m very glad we picked this place! (sorry, that this place was picked for us haha) It was serene, overlooking the Aegean sea and really feel like there’s just the two of us lolol.

My wedding dress by Charis Ching, and the hair make by my own very groom lol



These are actually some of the backstage photo taken at the grand villa! That’s the videographer haha



For our wedding video clip!



My bouquet

I saw millions of photos like this on Pinterest, finally this is me lol


And then…

The ceremony started!

Shy peek wtf


*plays mushy song*

We sort of had a hard time deciding what songs to play at the ceremony. Amie asked me to send her my fav songs, and all my favorite songs are electro that sound something like “hhhmzz hmmz hmmzz hmzzz” with no lyrics wan WTF.

So i seeked the danna for help and apparently his favorite song is She by Elvis Costello WTF. I asked Amie to double check to make sure the song isn’t about this guy mourning his dead girl friend.

After that i just had to also include my fav Okinawan song Shima Uta by Natsukawa Rimi LOLOL. What! It’s also about beautiful island. WHich is what Santorini is! Close enough!

Amie snapping our photos


So we did it again! Saying “i do”s and exchanging vows.

That’s what happen at backstage lololol


And recycling our wedding rings lolol

Walao i almost broke my finger to take the wedding ring out (to be put on again) no thanks to Amie to fed us non stop with yummy food lol


No i’m serious. At least in public.

Believe it or not, in Japanese wedding ceremony there’s no such thing as “you may kiss the bride” (and ours was a church ceremony summore). So when we were told to kiss we were like REALLY? HERE? NOW?

LOLOL Japan made me weird wtf.


And signing certificate

And popping champagne (and getting very, very tipsy at my own wedding)


And then stare at the sea tipsy lol.

It was magical.

The whole experience was like a surprise wedding by SunriseGreece to the two of us, and it has been nothing far from the most romantic dream wedding i’ve ever imagined.



SunriseGreece will be coming to Malaysia this coming Saturday night (29th June 2013), and they will hold a small exclusive event:

Time: 18.30 – 22.00

Venue: TEEQ restaurant, Roof Top, Level 8, Lot 10 Shopping Center. 

There are a few more spaces left, so if you are interested, please drop Betty from MemoiresAboard (SunriseGreece’s partner in Malaysia) an email: info@memoiresaboard.com and reserve a seat for you and your partner!

If you have any questions regarding wedding in Santorini, this is the best time to ask the expert! And don’t miss out this once in a lifetime chance to fulfill your ultimate dream to have a perfect romantic wedding.

I will be there to share my experience too so see you soon!