I am in Japan now!! You can follow me on Instargram (@cheeserland) if you want live updates, but here’s a conversation i had with a friend earlier, along with a shocking confession:


Friend: Hi i am coming by to clean your house tonight.

Me: Oh that’s so nice of you, i’ll do the same some day soon.

Friend: By the way i got really broke after moving into my new place. I’m considering cleaning people’s houses for a living.

Me: That doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. You earn shit but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Friend: Not only that, i also don’t have enough money to buy furniture, i don’t even have a shower!

Me: Haha you can come by and shower at my place.

Friend: But you know what’s embarrassing?? I was so stinky, i didn’t change clothes for days and i actually… went to James’s house for a shower last night.

Me: !!!!! That’s… inappropriate. Did your BF know about this wtf.

Friend: Nooooo >.<

Me: Actually i do have something worse to confess. I am not much better. I dunno what got into me, yesterday i also went to some handsome strangers house.

Friend: Oh no.

Me: And he actually invited me to sleep on his bed.

Friend: !!!

Me: And i did.

Friend: That’s really bad.

Me: And he is Korean.

Friend: Oh god.

Me: What to do. At this point i pretty much will do anything for money. This guy seemed rich. His  room also has a kickass view of the whole city.

Friend: I bet you showered with him staring at you too.

Me: Exactly. Except that that is a different guy. In a different house.

Friend: Bravo. I totally understand it. I’ve done it many times.

Me: I need to delete this chat before the danna finds out about it.


Yea that’s what i did. For money.

Guys, don’t judge me. Sometimes people do that.

Sleeping on SJ Siwon’s bed

Before going to Nich Khun’s house and shower naked while he stares at me.  What’s more disturbing is i actually looked like i’m on drugs :X


I also get to hang out at Ayumi Hamasaki’s house and play with her. She is surprisingly cheery and just a tad overly friendly to my liking.


My house used to be a traditional Japanese ryokan style tatami room with outdoor hot spring.

And home made Oden.


And then after i came back from Santorini i decided to spend 30k to renovate my house completely. Which is why i am broke now, which is why i’m sleeping at random people’s house and take up part time job as a secondly-maid (not hourly).

Guys. Think twice before you decide to go to Santorini. It makes you do bad things like this.

Incidentally Sunrisegreece LIKED one of my Insta pictures while i was gacha-ing. IT IS LIKE THEY ARE SENDING A COSMIC COMPLIMENT FOR MY CHOICE OF LIVING.

Now my house is a Santorini themed villa with one too many blue domes, an indoor wedding reception IN DA HAOS (how cool is that, having a wedding ceremony INSIDE your own haos), but my groom is nowhere in sight.

Probably because i am broke. Or cuz i showered in stranger’s houses. Grooms are unpredictable nowadays.

Bottom LINE:

Don’t be a LINE PLAYER!!!!


(By the way if you are interested to hire me to clean your room you can contact me at “チージー”。My agency is Japanese. I had no idea why they didn’t allow me to change the nickname to roman alphabets -_-.






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