June 30, 2013 in Useless fashion

It’s been awhile i haven’t updated my EMODA coordinates!

Here are the update in May and June!


Whole body EMODA’s coordinate.

White knit pullover top: EMODA

White knit bottom: EMODA


And the clear band wegdes is now available at EMODA WEBSTORE!!

Clear band wedges in white: EMODA

Incredibly high and just looks soooooo cute, one of my fav pair from EMODA so far!


Coordinate 1

Romantic wedding. I wore this dress to Santorini for my wedding photoshoot!

Clear pearl necklace: EMODA

And everybody’s fav white bustier camisole one-piece is now on webstore too!


Coordinate 2

Simple knit-set-up.

Leopard print iPhone case: EMODA

Clear pearl necklace: EMODA

Blue knit set-up: EMODA

High cut sneaker in white: EMODA


Coordinate 3

Casual summer! EMODA’s original leaf print for summer <3

Color leaf one piece: EMODA

White bagpack: EMODA

High cut sneaker in white: EMODA

Sout pastel iphone case in blue: EMODA


Coordinate 4

Ice blue and white! I cannot stop buying pants from EMODA, i know i have said this many times, but EMODA’s jeggings are really the best fitting ones i’ve ever tried <3

Mabel blue jeggings: EMODA

Color art tank top: EMODA

Drape cardigan in white: EMODA

Clear band wedges in white: EMODA

Clear glass necklace: EMODA

White backpack: EMODA



Coordinate 5

Fresh mint. White and mint color combination.

Open back knit top in light green: EMODA

In-heel leather sneaker in white: EMODA

Sout POP iphone case in pink: EMODA

Wide top wired hairband in light green: EMODA


Coordinate 6

Mode-girly. Quite rare from EMODA to have girly colors, but here’s a coordinate with lots of baby pink!

Block Patch Knit Top in pink: EMODA

Bulky sandals in black: EMODA

Peplum jeggings in blue: EMODA

Needless to say this comfy pair of sandals will be my everyday wear this summer!

Sout skin baby pink tote: EMODA

Sout skin baby pink iphone case: EMODA

Pink overload!!



And starting 28th June, EMODA GLOBAL WEBSTORE is having sales!!

Go shop crazy!!!

I will be going to Japan in July so will visit EMODA and update the latest trend too!

6 responses to “EMODA JUNE”

  1. annie says:

    the sizing for emoda clothes is so small. even 25inch waist is too big to fit into their clothes, from what i see in their sizing chart(for bottoms).

  2. Daphnefroggy says:

    You are right! Emoda’s jeans is really show pretty line and really buy crazy like hell !!Enjoy your summer sales holiday in Tokyo!!

  3. alikeanita says:

    i like the coordinates number 3-5-6

  4. KY says:

    would be cool if they make those glass necklace thing to be magnifying glass of various power. hehe

  5. Wendy says:

    Where did you buy the light blue fluffy iphone casing? Is it for iphone 4 or 5?

  6. Ashley says:

    Hi,i want to ask normally the parcel need how many days to arrive in malaysia?

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