Tokyo Summer Coordinate

Hello i’m back home! 😀

Here are some coordinate pictures during my 2-week trip in Japan this July! It’s getting incredibly hot (as hot, if not hotter than Malaysia), and TV news says that it’s one of the hottest summers in years.

I also got tanner because i walked so much outdooe! It’s incredible how the Japanese people really put effort into saving energy, in our apartment the danna set the aircon at 26. But when i watched the TV, a survey says that most families in Japan set their aircon at 28C and above D: D: D:. Then the danna condemned me for always setting it at 19C in Malaysia lol.

What’s the aircon temperature in your house?


Anyway this time the pictures are taken all at diff location (my home work every day), instead of the same wall against a mirror lol.

Coordinate 1



Coordinate 2



Coordinate 3



Coordinate 4



Coordinate 5

Chiba seaside


Coordinate 6

Laforet Harajuku, with special guest RinRin.


Coordinate 7

Yoyogi. Makeover by RinRin lolol. I haven’t done Lolita in maybe 10 years and i have to say i cannot pull it off anymore lol


Coordinate 8



Coordinate 9

Mt Fuji. Daisy dress selected by Foruchizu!


Coordinate 10



Coordinate 11



Coordinate 12



Coordinate 13

Tsutaya, Shibuya


Let me know which kind of style is your taste!

40 responses to “Tokyo Summer Coordinate”

  1. Evon says:

    Too pretty! Love all your style! You totally deserve the best fashion blog year after year after year!

  2. Daphnefroggy says:

    Loving the new arrival daisy dress by #Foruchizu!nnI’m wondering…..the last location is Tsutaya/Tatsuya?? loln(SOrry just curious la)

  3. JessicaC says:

    My favorite outfit is the Daisy Dress! Your hair is so smooth omgggggg

  4. iJessiepod says:

    I like the Daisy Dress and that white shoes!!! And pretty much all your coordinates that you took in Shibuya >< omggg it’s so naiceeeee

  5. slayedoll says:

    My favourite is Monday sucks because Monday sucks

  6. Cheesie says:

    Don’t think I deserve that, but thanks!!! 😀

  7. Cheesie says:

    Ya I typed wrong lol

  8. Cheesie says:

    Actually it’s really tangly cuz I never put conditioner!

  9. Cheesie says:


  10. Cheesie says:

    Thanks so much 🙂

  11. JessicaC says:

    Do you use hair mask or hair serum actually? 😀

  12. Cheesie says:

    I’m so lazy i dont! But i do salon treatment every month!

  13. JessicaC says:

    OMG! I just tried the ultrasonic iron treatment at Number76. Do you do that treatment every month or you just do their normal hair treatment monthly?

  14. Cheesie says:

    yea i do it every month! How was it?

  15. Miracle says:

    I like 9 and 10!! Really prefer you to match your own purchase instead of those sponsored!

  16. JessicaC says:

    No wonder your hair is so smooth lah haha!! The treatment was great!! But for my hair, the hairstylist advised me to use hair mask to maintain the treatment. I did it at Bangsar branch, hope i can bump into you someday! Haha!

  17. Cheesie says:

    yea i’ll make a visit these few days! 😀

  18. Cheesie says:

    Thanks so much :)))

  19. Camilla says:

    I like 8 & 11 my fav.

  20. Niingyo says:

    Love coordinate 11! Where can I get those shoes online?

  21. ani says:

    I need to know where your clothes are from so I can make a list of where to shop at when I go to japan! I love the skirt and shoes in 1, the dresses in 2, 9 and 11. pretty plz let me know?! *puppy eyes*

  22. Elisabeth says:

    10 and 11!

  23. Juju says:

    Definitely using this as a fashion guide during my study abroad to Tokyo next week!!! Btw do you have any salon recommendations in Tokyo? Really wanna get some chio hairstyle there! Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!

  24. Cheesie says:

    You can go to number76’s original branch at Omotesando! (76 salon/NALU salon).

  25. anita says:

    you’re so beautiful in all your outfits

  26. Laura says:

    lolita style *_*n

  27. lee says:

    it’s been surprisingly cool in kl the last 2 weeks. naircon is normally set at 24 C unless it’s a very hot day then it goes down to 16 C:)

  28. Clara says:

    I <3 1,2 and 11!!

  29. Kanages says:

    OMG I love Coordinate 2 and 13!!! Super pretty!

  30. Nina says:

    Hi Cheesie!nI’ve been an avid blog reader of yours for many years and I just wanna commend you on the effort you put in while coordinating your outfits daily! It’s really fustrating dressing up everyday but you manage to do such a good job constantly! Thanks for the hard work and intention, and for updating your blog so frequently too. I know it is really difficult sometimes to upkeep and mantain a standard you set for yourself. It’s also really heartening that you had a lovely weddingmoon in santorini, greece etc. You are really fortunate and truly blessed – continue whatever you are doing, keep working hard and never stop being you because the Universe surely loves you and is granting you these great experiences. Love!

  31. Anonymous says:


  32. lauhuiru says:

    I think I like the omotesando ones!

  33. hitomineko says:

    love all the outfits. esp the pink heels at the end =P nnxo

  34. lyannechan says:

    I like all of it! 😀

  35. Evelyn Lee says:

    Love coordinate 13! Pink and silver. Beach-y waves hair ❤

  36. msbulat says:

    contrast between outfit 12 & 13 O_O

  37. Isabel says:

    Daisy dress is so cute but I think it’ll be more of a top for me.. =(

  38. Mel says:

    Hi Cheesie! I’ve heard that August is when their summer holiday begins in Tokyo, so it’ll be crowded. Is that true? Will places like Disneysea be packed to the brim? What kind of scenario should I be prepared for? Any advice will be very much appreciated!! Thank you! (:

  39. Cheesie says:

    Haha I saw! Victor right?

  40. JessicaC says:

    Yes yes!!

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