You ever wish you can escape to a whole new world, where you can have your own personalized entertainment at any time, anywhere you want?

Want to watch a movie in a moving train, at a party, by the seaside, during lunch break in your office toilet cubicle , on your bed until you fall asleep?

Celcom Axiata Berhad now offers ESCAPE, a whole new digital experience where you can enjoy seamless entertainment through a unique “pause and play” feature that allows movies, TV series, live broadcasting and events to be experienced across all your smart phones, tablets, laptop and PC!

Your preferences and purchases are stored online, so the “pause and play‟ feature gives subscribers the control of pausing content midway on one device to continue watching on a different device simply by logging back in.


I was at their launch event and i think it was one of the coolest launches!

Blue Celcome drink with Yang Bao Bei.


Dinner banquet with huge stage

With Jane waiting for the presentation.


Half way through the event a zombie apocalypse happened on the spot too lol.

The presentation was very entertaining, and i could assume their new ESCAPE entertainment contents are just as unmissable.


One of the highlights of the event was a mystery person.


Watch this video now for hints!!


Now, can you guess who this mystery person is?

This challenge is exclusively opened for Celcom customers.

Here are more clues:

“I’m Mr Nice Guy. But don’t pick a fight with me.”

“I have been a panda. I have been a hyena.”


Who is he? Is he Malaysian? Asian? Maybe even a woman?

One of them?






I think the hint is super super obvious already! Impossible you cannot know! 😀


Well, guess it right and you could win an irresistible reward, which is hours and hours on video content on ESCAPE.

Just SMS your answer to 20888.


For more information, visit now.