Seeing in the best light

August 16, 2013 in Commercial Break

Do you have a pair of glasses so cool you could use it for all occasions?

To read at home, to watch in cinema, to drive carefully, to the beach, to hike up the mountain…

I recently went for an eye check up and got myself a pair of eyeglasses by Transitions Optical (was prescribed very very mild power since i always have not-bad eye sight).


I have many pair of kick-ass sunglasses so this time i got myself a more delicate looking frame.

Transitions® adaptive lenses are designed to quickly adapt from clear indoors to dark in brightest sun. When i was told that this pair of glasses will turn dark when i go out to the sun i couldn’t really grasp the idea. Really? How?! Turned out that the Transitions® Adaptive lenses has been around for yearrrs and i was just being super kampung about it lol.

But these lenses aren’t just about clear and dark, they continuously adapt to changing light so they’re always exactly the shade you need them to be.


For example!

I brought my glasses to Japan with me. I wore it in my apartment, indoor, and the lenses are perfectly in its normal clear shade.


Once i go out…

In just seconds (you don’t realize it when you are wearing it, i had to look into the mirror haha), the lenses quickly adapt to the outdoor sun and turned into a darker shade!!


We went up to 5th station of Mt Fuji, and that was when my lenses turned the darkest. UV rays are stronger up the mountain, and now it looks like a pair of sunglasses!

Other than frequently applying sunblock outdoor, you will also need eye protection. And Transitions lenses blocks 100% UVA and UVB lights just like good sunglasses and give your eyes good protections while letting you see clearly anywhere.


The best thing about the lenses are not just in two states: “clear” and “dark”. They automatically adapt to changing light, providing your eyes with exactly the amount of shade they need for any situation, so you see things in the best light. The picture is taken when it is cloudy with slight sunlights, so they glasses are in a slight tint of grey.

Ever experience glaring sunlight that hurt your eyes when you walk from indoor to outdoor, and have to squint like Futurama Fry? When you wear glasses prescribed with Transitions® lenses, the lenses continuously adapt to changing light, so it will help reducing glare, eye strain and fatigue, for a more comfortable sight.


When you go back indoor, it quickly fades back to clear lenses again.

I think it’s super convenient! You get to choose from a lot of different frames that suits your style, and it’s very comfortable too. Of course what i like most is that besides helping you to see better, it is also smart enough to protect your eyes!
Anyone who wear glasses or sunglasses can wear Transitions lenses, it is suitable for all ages including children, and it’s available in grey and brown shades. Quite cool right?

You can go to their website to find out more:




And their FB page:




Here’s a video of my pair of Transitions!



Giveaway time!

Quote “Cheeserland” up on your prescription of Transitions® Adaptive Lenses and walk yourself home with Transitions® exclusive travel wallet and name card holder (worth RM59.90) while stocks lasts. (Available at Optical 88 KLCC, Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley)

Leave a comment to this question: “What do you love about Transitions Lenses and how do they fit perfectly in your daily life?”

One lucky winner with the most creative comment will walk home with RM500 vouchers upon prescription of Transitions Lenses in Optical 88!

Contest ends by 31st August, 2013.
The prize is non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.

Remember to leave your email so we can contact you  if you are selected as the winner!

18 responses to “Seeing in the best light”

  1. Moon says:

    My job scope always requires me to travel around the city at all times during the office hours. Transition Lenses will perfectly match my daily outfits especially for indoor or outdoor events. Normal shade lenses show decent appearance and the darker shade shows more stylish, vogue appearance. So, Transition Lenses will definitely spice up my life. Thank you, Cheesie for introducing this amazing lenses. :)

  2. iamginny says:

    Interesting that the transition lenses come in different frames too. Thanks for sharing it. nn

  3. JessicaC says:

    The transition lenses are way too cool! I’m having a very bad eyesight and I can only see things clearly when I put my glasses or contact lenses on. But I realized I can’t always depend on contact lenses because it would be uncomfortable after wearing it for a long time in college! However, if I wear glasses, I would not be able to wear a pair of shades while driving to school! *u know it’s super hard to drive on a sunny day* So isn’t this situation miserable?! nnThank you Cheesie for introducing this awesome Transition Lens creation! I think it’s so far the most advanced technology among the common glasses we have seen in stores nowadays! I would really like to win a pair from you & can’t wait to show off to my friends and family haha! nnEmail:

  4. Melanie says:

    look so pretty even in glasses 🙂

  5. Flora says:

    I have always wanted to wear a pair of sunglasses but due to my bad eye-sight problems, I couldn’t. And it would be quite pricey if I purposely order and make a pair of sunglasses with my eyes degree. Furthermore, I could only wear it under the bright sun as it would be too dark when I go to indoors. The usage would be lowered and quite troublesome to keep changing. So, I feel that Transitions Lenses could help to protect my eyes just like a pair of sunglasses which could always adapt itself to different dark shades and quite fashion too. I could also maximise its usage with its characteristics.nThank you, Cheesie =)

  6. Simply Me says:

    I just want to comment that I LIKE THE LACEY GLOVES!! So classic European! And ur hair – wow! Surely spend many hours twisting n tugging at it (referring to myself actually, I can’t do that). Awesome!

  7. TEOH THONG YEN says:

    What I love about Transitions Lenses is they can automatically adapt to changing light. It is amazing how the Transitions Lenses change the best light for us according to the situation whether it is bright, dark or even cloudy. My eyesight is really bad. I can’t see anything whenever I took off my spectacles. Plus, I really dislike to squint my eyes especially under the hot sun or driving during night time. nnI really hope that I can win one pair of Transitions Lenses. Thanks Cheesie ☺ nnemail :

  8. Tyler Lim says:

    What I love about Transition Lenses? Its a freaking prescription glasses and sunglasses all in one! This innovative iguana makes live 100x easier for unfortunate short-sighted individuals like me. Instead of handling the weight of two spectacles boxes while travelling, I only need to bring one. Its just convenient on so much levels!nnNow, give me that RM500 vouchers! (you know I’m kidding, or am I?)

  9. Ken Kf says:

    I love Transitions lenses because it’s smart, adaptive, you can call this ‘auto-brightness’ in your smartphone. No more transitions between glasses, with Transitions, one pair is all you need! Sometimes I’m kinda attention-seeking so I think this glasses will do the job great! Due to my job nature of running indoor and outdoor, sometimes the sunlight is just too bright until my eyes are literally -.-. With Transitions, which is close to zero transitions from clear to dark lenses, this would be the perfect solution in my life! I think they should use ‘Transitions lenses, zero transitions’ as their motto or something wtf.

  10. mosfets says:

    I’ve seen some people with not-so-responsive versions of these, and the shade doesn’t turn back fast enough. And also turns dark in response to indoor light. Makes them look very pedo hahahah.

  11. Woo Yi Lei says:

    I love that the lenses can change according to the uv rays. I’m a full yime mum, driving my toddler to school and back is my weekday (daily) job. So these lenses would be perfect fory every day use and I can bid sunglases farewell!n

  12. Ivana Wong says:

    What I love about Transitions Lenses is the auto changing brightness according to the environment, it helps to protect our eyes and to see better. I am working in front of the laptop for more than 9 hours a day, and I have been wearing contact lenses to work. Recently I found out that my eyesight is not that sharp and I desperately need a pair of new glasses. I think that these transitions lenses will fit perfectly to my daily activities.

  13. Cassie yuuka says:

    wa.. I saw Namie poster right at the start of the vid~!! ^_^

  14. king lee says:

    Looks like Auntie….

  15. Wero says:

    I have transitions lenses too! :)nnPlease check my blog out

  16. Daphnefroggy says:

    So cool i think I will get one pair for myself!!!

  17. Yvonne says:

    I love Transition lenses because of the adaptabilty to the surroundings, of the amount of sunlight that will help to protect our eyes from scorching hot sun! It just changes its shades depending on the surrounding so that I dont have to change from wearing glasses to sunglasses, as I always lost mine. It’s also great for me to look more to give me a sharp eyesight. Adding to that, I think it’s about time I change this grandma spectacles of mine!

  18. Cheesie says:

    Winner is announced!!!! Transition has picked Koh Boon Kiat as the winner! Congratulations :3

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