Update on EMODA!

I’m actually in Japan now for the upcoming TouchMe EMODA 2014 Spring Summer fashion show! I missed their 2013 Autumn Winter show earlier as i was away for Weddingmoon. Really super happy to be able to make it this time!

Ena won’t be around though as she’s on maternity leave now. She told me that she’s due on the very TouchMe fashion show day!!



Met her during my short trip to Tokyo in August.

Went for their Autumn/Winter exhibition too, can’t wait to receive the items i ordered!!

EMODA Coordinate 

Here are some coordinate picture in the past month:


Coordinate 1

Hairband, necklace, top, skirt, sandal heels, bag and iPhone case all from EMODA.


Coordinate 2

Beige wedges, beige cardigan and iPhone case from EMODA.


Coordinate 3 

Earrings,  2-way bag, iPhone case, summer floral set-up all from EMODA.


Coordinate 4

Snowflake jeggings, black wedges, iPhone case from EMODA.


Coordinate 5

Black dress, bulky belt, two-way tweed bag all from EMODA.


Coordinate 6

Sheer white top, clear clutch and pumps all from EMODA.


Hairband, matching leopard print iPhone case and jeggings, clutch from EMODA.




So i was at EMODA Shibuya 109 today for shopping!

I had a good chat with EMODA shop staff, and here are some of the latest arrival recommended items for your reference <3

Obviously the hottest print this Fall is Houndstooth (or Chidori) print.

This is one of the most popular knit top in the shop.


Oversized denim jacket is a big hit, and great for Malaysian weather since it is still not too cold in Japan and the material is light.


The mini quilted bag is my favorite. The one in red is simply too cute T____T


Last but not least, lots and lots of Houndstooth print items, incuding pouches, wallets, card case and iPhone case.

I’m the biggest fan of EMODA flip iPhone case, they are really the best, ever since i owned one i cannot use another other case cuz it’s just too convenient. I store my train pass, assorted cards, and keep namecards in the case. I will never lose another parking card ever again.


With Ange, EMODA shop staff in Shibuya 109. You may have seen her in magazines lately, she’s getting really popular!

From her Instagram!


And the good news is!

I noticed that EMODA Global Webstore has been updating really frequently and  they are also really fast with bringing in the latest items!!! 😀

They have all the houndstooth items that i saw fresh on the shelf in Shibuya today!

The Houndstooth knit cardi as the main display today is out too!


And of course the lovely lovely quilted bag. But looks like it is sold out in just a second T___T

I really hope they will restock it!


Go to EMODA GLOBAL now to shop our heart out before your favorite items run out again!


Will update about EMODA TouchMe 2014 SS fashion show on 12th Oct! So excited for it!!! 😀