Kyaraben Cheat One™

September 28, 2013 in Bon Cheesepetit

(first one here)

Anyway since i’m so expert in cheating, here are some more Cheat One™ kyaraben that may or may not be edible.


1. Oh My Cod

A rare fish dish considering we eat Japanese all the time. The fish looks worried because i obviously didn’t know how to handle fish.


2. -_-

Rilakkuma is not very rilakked. He looks kind of pissed off. Probably because he can’t eat anymore since he is stuffed. (Sorry. I try better.)


3. I Love Mt Fuji 

With a digital flag. Stolen from the internet. Apparently i don’t love Japan enough to want to pay for stock photos.


4. Kitty Bath

Ran out of real-life mushroom so here are some cut (and pasted) ones.


5. I Love Pasta!

I love pasta so much i may name my future pet Spaghetti.


6. Kitty Tonkatsu

Have you seen a cat made of pig before?

Now you did.


7. I Love Kyushu 

Here we have Fukuoka Mentaiko, Kumamoto Kumamon and Nagasaki Chanpuru style veggies.


8. I Love Malaysia Too!

A diplomatic dish made for Merdeka!

Nasi Lemak Boy with yummy sambal hair. I also replaced coconut milk with normal milk cuz i’m santan-intolerant. Turned out not too bad!


9. I Love Kumatan!

W♡C Kumatan. This is one of the most Cheatable kyaraben. You can buy WC Kumatan stamps on LINE Camera!


10. I Love Oden!

Told you i can eat 3 times a week.


11. Moon Curry

Danna’s sick meal. (No there’s no such thing as heatiness in Japan.)


12. I Super Love Ghibli!!!!!

Especially Totoro!!!


I just bought 8 Ghibli DVDs again (i owned a box set, but dunno lent to who never returned it back T___T). And cried like mad when i watch Grave of Fireflies again.


Which is your favorite?








Talking about Kyaraben, i now even have food on my iPhone cover lolol.

From left: Kewpie Mentaiko Pasta, Kumamon, and surf boards (for the danna). I customized and printed them all!!!


If you are also into designing/customizing your own special device/gadget skin, you can go to

There are lots of ready design you can choose from, but most importantly you can also DIY any skin that you like.

 There are 3 ways of uploading the designs: From your computer, from Facebook, from Instagram.
That’s my Kumatan iPhone5 design for SGD12.90. It’s affordable so you can change the skin as often as you like!
The skins will then be shipped to you!
The BarelyNaked skins provide protection for your devices without the bulkiness of casings and covers. (But for me sometimes if i want to change casing i still put a case over it easily, since it is very thin.)
Another good thing about BarelyNaked skins is that it will not leave any sticky residue when removed.
Also, Barely Naked is actively looking for artists to showcase their designs on their site! So you are more than welcome to contact them through the site.


Go DIY your own device skin on

Also! FOr Cheeserland’s readers, key in discount code: CHSEBN10 for 10% off! 😀



24 responses to “Kyaraben Cheat One™”

  1. Fourfeetnine says:

    I kept double tapping on all the photos -_- lolol

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like totoro too, but my favourote is the one with “country road” japanese version song. Not a popular choice.

  3. Wai queen says:

    Opps! just scroll up to look at your photo again and realized its not included in the 8 choices given by you. Then I will choose only yesterday. Again not a popular choice lol

  4. nina says:

    the nasi lemak is sooo cute!!!! nasi lemak stalls should sell em like that. i buy one hahahaha

  5. Essie says:

    You’ve been posting quite a lot of food pic lately. Sometimes I wonder if you’re pregnant. Then you were sick so I thought, morning sickness, maybe? Then again, maybe you’re just into something new, makes for a dribbling saliva…

  6. airmeli says:

    Cheesie can start doing blog post on how to cook!! It looks so delicious. Hmm…

  7. jess says:

    hi cheesie, can i please have the link to the picture of your pasta phone skin? ^^ thank you!!

  8. mihoshappylife says:

    That’s definitely HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE! The one and only :Dnnomg, your post makes me hungry! I couldn’t eat your cute Bento >w< it would be such a pity to eat it!

  9. Cheesie says:

    Lolol Internet disease

  10. Cheesie says:

    Whisper of the heart!!

  11. Cheesie says:

    Was it you who commented below? Haha. Actually Only Yesterday is one oft fav! 🙂 very down to earth and real

  12. Cheesie says:

    Haha I hope somebody sell it too 😛

  13. Cheesie says:

    Haha not everyone is pregnant la!

  14. Cheesie says:

    Not pro enough they wtf

  15. Cheesie says:

    Oh no it’s DIY by me

  16. Cheesie says:

    Howl’s seems to be everyone fav!!! I must rewatch it!

  17. airmeli says:

    Haha. But u can teach non cooker like me cheat is cooking.

  18. Regina Angie says:

    Haha yah that was me. Sorry I seldom leave comment so don’t know how it works lol. But your post asking bout gibli make me wanna comment so much n

  19. Cheesie says:

    Ya and i am gonna revisit the museum this trip! SO EXCITED OMG. I will blog about it for sure 😀 Thanks for commenting 😀

  20. TySh says:

    all of them look delicious!!ni would love to try them! T_Tn

  21. Sushi says:

    Cheesie, the word blog has no extension D:

  22. Regina Angie says:

    Yeah!!! Try blog more bout the interior since no photos are allowed inside :S

  23. Joey Cheong says:

    Maybe u can try to opt for coconut oil instead of santan since u are santan intolerant. It tastes equally good and it is healthier as well ^__^

  24. k says:

    Hi Cheesie! wow your meals look delicious and fun! btw is that is the amount of food & rice you eat? I could never eat so little Haha ><

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