The other day i wrote a tweet about how i wish someone should just invent make up products that you can sleep in already, because removing make up is the worst part of make up lol.

And for someone who puts on make up almost on a daily basis, imagine the chore every single night T___T. I remove my make up using make up remover wipes, oil cleanser (x2 times), special eye make-up remover, and then a final cleanse with foam cleanser, but when i apply toner on my face afterwards, i could still see some residue of make up on the toner cotton pad. I was wondering, exactly how many times should i clean my face until it is really really clean T___T.

So then i was introduced to Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System!

The features of the advanced cleansing system:

  • Handheld device with two speeds that revolves 350 times per minute
  • 2 speeds
  • Water resistant
  • Comes with a small tube of cleanser

This device has a rotating soft bristles brush head that gently removes dirt, dead skin and makeup, and it is designed to cleanse and exfoliate better than basic cleansing.

I was invited to the Olay workshop again, and this time they are sharing info on this new Advanced Cleansing System:

Demo time again!

The beauty trainer Elizabeth first drew two parks on a lemon using water-proof eyeliner.


She cleansed one side manually with the cleanser using her hand. It showed that the eyeliner mark was still visible.

She then cleansed another side with Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System cleanser and electric brush, and just a few rotation, the eyeliner smudged, and she wiped it off with a cotton pad and it was all gone.


After that i was also invited to share my experience about the product.



I liked it because it saves me so much time, as it is said to cleanse 4 times better than basic cleaning, which also means i get to save a lot of time wiping my face off until it’s all red T__T. Also your skin texture feels smoother with continuous usage, and it’s best used together with Micro Sculpting Cream.

The good thing about the device is that, the bristles are so fine and soft it feels very gentle on your skin, and suitable for daily use. It could prime your skin for anti-ageing regimen as well.


Here’s a detailed step on how to use the device!

In the box you will find the device and a tube of cleanser.


Dampen your face, and then apply a dollop of cleanser.

Massage lightly all over your face.


Dampen the brush under the tap, and then lightly let it run over your face in a circular motion.

You don’t have to apply any pressure at all as the rotation is very quick and it will do the cleansing job for you. Of course for delicate eye area, i will remove gentle with special eye make up remover with a cotton pad.


After that, rinse your face thoroughly.

After usage, my skin feels deeply cleansed, and when you apply your moisturizer on, it will have even better absorption effect!


Here’s the Lemon demo video by Olay!


I am lucky to receive this from Olay because I heard that it is selling out fast in major stores and pharmacies, but don’t worry! New stocks will come in very soon! It’s only RM129.90, so go check it out!

For more information on the product, visit the new website:

And also: