So after the 9th year anniversary blog post, i realized that everyone of you came to this blog by different chances and stay here for different reasons.

I got curious and decided i would delve more deeply into that, so i spied my own Google Analytics to find out which keywords brought you to this blog.

Apparently, my first discovery was that you guys don’t know me at all.


30,000 of you cannot even spell this blog right. Unless you were really looking for a Cheeseland and it brought you here. Then that was just unfortunate.


I scrolled on.


Really? You guys. Seriously?



Either you are very sick or you just don’t respect dogs at all. Dogs are human too. Dogs have feelings too. Train your dogs to be a professional. Respect dogs.


What’s with your fascination with dogs?


Ok you guys are really gross. You know who you are.


Me too.


I hope not. I don’t really know. And i am sorry this blog hasn’t been very educational on sending nude pictures and probably didn’t provide a very good answer to your question. Moral of the story: if you wanna send nude pictures, deliver it in person. Whatsapp may be unreliable.


Means you are getting way too addicted to this blog.


And you found my blog??? Ok now that’s just rude.



(And i hope it wasn’t the same person who searched keyword no.1990)



I’m very worried about the internet in general.









HVV Mood Box!

HerVelvetVase is an online boutique that sells gorgeous apparel, but now they  have introduced HVV Mood Box,  a gift box of surprise that you can subscribe to every month/over several months.

First of all you go over the website and choose the option you like ($70, $60 and $55. Even cheaper if you subscribe 6 months!), and then check your mood for the month (happy, edgy, sparkly or even confused?). I picked Option 1 and mostly just asked them to surprise me lol.

And then just wait for the gift box to arrive!

1. My HVV Mood Box arrived in a big yellow box. Was very excited to check out the content!

2. Very very impressed by their effort. They actually created a personalized lookbook of the items with detailed description.

3. And what i found in the box exactly just like the lookbook. That’s… a lot of stuff for $70!!!

4. There are also some random tidbits from Glamo Girl (cosmetic products) and Vanity Trove (beauty products).


My HVV Mood Box coordinate. Everything is from the box! At first i thought these kind of gift boxes are normally just random items that are not popular so i was a little worried to be honest. But i totally didn’t expect them to come up with an entire coordinate that is practical and cute, not to mention can just wear straight out for a day out! Now you don’t even have to fuss about what to wear/mix/pair with anymore.


Hairband, top, jacket, shorts, belt, bag and necklace all from HVV Mood Box. Really worth it if i may say!

Go subscribe yours at!