This post is written for people who love healthier, whiter teeth! 😀

How many of you have done teeth whitening before? Some people who did told me that they dislike the super sensitive gums and teeth after the procedure, not to mention the price tag.

To have shiny pearly white teeth, while dental whitening is an option, Darlie sees a way for everyone to achieve whiter teeth through more affordable and convenient means…the simple act of brushing.

Darlie recently launched Darlie Expert White, the professional whitening toothpaste. it is scientifically proven to help you achieve ‘3x Whiter Teeth’ compared to ordinary fluoride toothpaste.

Of course many products claims whatever they can do and it’s up to you to believe. But Darlie takes it a step further by inviting a bunch of bloggers and celebrities to personally discover the scientific truth!

So we were invited to a brunch party hosted by Sazzy Falak. The theme is just like Darlie Expert White, everything is icy blue and pearly white.

And Sazzy did a demo on the spot, which wowed everybody. (Each of the bloggers also got to try it out for themselve firsthand, will elaborate on that more by a demo video done by me!!)

Basically, three containers are prepared, filled by Darlie Expert White and normal floride toothpaste mixed well with water, and black tea.

The two tablets are both soaked in Darlie Expert white and normal toothpaste for 3 minutes, and then into the black tea for 5 minutes.

Hydroxyapatite (HAP) tablets, which is a tablet that simulates the enamel of our teeth.


The result?

The tablet that used normal toothpaste was stained yellowish-brown, where else Darlie Expert WHite tablet remains pearly clean.

The result was very impressive! I must say i was convinced on the spot lol. Imagine just by brushing your teeth diligently everyday (recommended 3 minutes, though we usually take short cut >.<), it can prevent your teeth from getting stained by things you eat!


Sazzy also had a small sharing session about her life and beauty tips.


With blogger Joyce, who has a big cute smile! We are both excited to embrace white teeth and prettier smiles 😀

All the bloggers on that day with their Darlie Expert White.


Also earlier on i did a video demo with Sazzy too, it was the same demo used for Bella TV on NTV7.

And also went to the studio for a brief chat with host Daphne Iking about our career and personal life. I hope you caught the episode! 😀

Was a short but fun session!

With Sazzy Falak.


And the crew.


If you missed the episode, you can still watch the demo i DIYed at home (in Japan, it’s not professionally taken so excuse the quality!)

Here it is!




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