Short update from Japan!

If you love meat, especially beef, you know Japan has some of the best beef in the world. Last night i had life-changing Yakiniku (BBQ meat) and i thought i would blog about it.

This place is called Shibaura Yakiniku, and there are a few branches.

Went there with lilLilly producer Nanako, and Omatsu san from Majesty Japan.

To cut the story short, this is the the beef we had:

Eating Yakiniku itself is an art. It requires sufficient knowledge about the parts, the cut, and the skill of grilling. Given the best beef, if overgrilled, it would be an unforgivable waste.

I don’t remember what is what now, but it was 3 different kinds of heavens in this picture alone.

I left the ordering and grilling to the pro to do, and i was only in charge of eating.

It was really the best Yakiniku i’ve ever had in my life. Apparently, there are better ones than this too. The limit is endless. It’s like a challenge. I dare you to taste better than this! Once you go pro, you keep doing it until you find your personal favorite of the best.


I have no words.


For the thicker one you are supposed to grill it 10 seconds each, and there’s also the “3byo-aburi”, literally “3-second grill”.

Don’t think i found any word in my existing dictionary to describe how it tasted.


Lastly Omatsu san insisted i try the ultimate combo: rice topped with grilled beef and sea urchin.

I will leave it to your imagination.




This restaurant is really famous so you must book in advance if you go! I have already booked again for tomorrow wtf.

Also, since it is so famous, you get to accidentally bump into your fav celebrities. For me, the most handsome comedian in the whole Japan was sitting right next to me.

Of course i respected his privacy so i didn’t ask him for picture so i stole some pictures from the internet.

This was 8 years ago when he was 30: