Tokyo Summer Coordinate here.


As my luck has it, the entire time while i was in Tokyo end of Sep to mid October was like summer. I much, much prefer colder weather.

And right after i’m back to KL, the weather has a sudden drop and now it is all autumny.

Every. Damn. Time.

So while i brought many cute jackets, i ended up not wearing them at all, and here are my sort of crazy-end-of-summer coordinate in Tokyo.


Coordinate 1

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo

Hat, bag, shoes: EMODA


Coordinate 2

Location: Harajuku, Tokyo

Dress: Jouetie


Coordinate 3

Location: Omotesando

Cardigan: Forever21

Clutch: Dazzlin


Coordinate 4

Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo

Bike: Danna’s

Sneakers, Skirt: EMODA


Coordinate 5

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo

Necklace: MURUA


Bottom and bag: EMODA

Platform: lilLilly


Coordinate 6

Location: Chinatown, Nagasaki

Cap: CA4LA

Bag: Tokyo Ladybird

Pants: EMODA


Coordinate 7

Location: Spectacle bridge, Nagasaki


Coordinate 8

Location: Nagasaki city

Knit set-up: Dazzlin


Coordinate 9

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo

Top: Titty&Co

Shorts, sabo heels: EMODA


Coordinate 10

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo

Bottom, necklace: EMODA

Bag: Smir Nasli


Coordinate 11

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo



Coordinate 12

Location: Yoyogi, Shibuya

Enamel bag & Rain boots: EMODA

Umbrella: Combini lol



Coordinate 13

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo

Top: Dazzlin


Coordinate 14

Location: Harajuku, Tokyo

Denim jacket: Danna’s

Bikini top: MONKI


Coordinate 15

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo

Whole outfit: EMODA (for touchMe Fashion Show)



Ok that’s all!

Let me know which is your fav! 😀