Here’s Nov’s coordinate collection!

I posted all these pictures on Instagram and obviously a lot of “fashion expert” (who very casually claim that they are “trend-setters” on the first line of their Insta profile. I didn’t know looking like a rusty leopard-print truck is the new trend. Bravo, trend setters.) gave me a lot of advices, from a middle age woman (who has a new-born grandson and a mother who is 90, i’m serious) saying i’m a stick in ugly clothes, and rather sorry-looking white girl saying my outfit is the most horrible she has seen and not to mention very “seasonally confusing” lolol. Touche. while she wraps her dumpling self in a thick coat so in comparison look like i’m wearing a thong. Touche.

So here are my very weather-perplexing outfits. Guarantee you’ll never know which part of earth i’m from.

Coordinate 1

I also need a steamer.




Coordinate 2



Coordinate 3

Not to mention some of my fashion items don’t even exist in real life. No wonder you all are entitled to feel cheated.



Coordinate 4



Coordinate 5



Coordinate 6

Eclipse boots in bronze from Strutoff, also available in other cool colors! quote “cheesie20” for 20% discount! ♡That’s quite a bargain!!


Coordinate 7



Coordinate 8

Anyway i discovered this Japanese fashion app called Snapee, and their stamps are the most attention-seeking and bimbo-sounding ever lolol. Like the ones in Purikura , i always find them super cheesily hilarious.

This coordinate is called Slutty and Demanding Bimbo Barbie goes to party.

Seriously, the stamps XD.  If i send this pic to the danna i bet he’s all like “wtf is wrong with you?”


The end! Which outfit is most confusing now? 😀






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Do you like Aromatherapy?

The idea of burning incense in my house always scares me a little, cuz i hate the smokey-chokey feeling and even it’s essential oils it still involves candles and  i’m totally the person who will burn my house down.

But i decided to give Palais D’Or a try!

According to Palais D’or, their  Essential Oils comes from the best distillery worldwide and are all 100% Pure Essential Oil of Therapeutic Grade which is very high quality essential oils.

Be careful of cheap essential oils sold in stores that are not 100% pure, and these are mainly fragrance oil which are usually synthetic oils, and maybe harmful to your body.

Also, no candles! 😀

That’s actually quite genius. The light bulb naturally heats up, although it takes a longer time to slowly diffuse the oil, i like it!

Quite romantic too! 😀

Anyway they have many other scents so do check out their webpage!

Also, all of you get a special discount of 10% for your purchases at

The discount code is “CHEESIE10% “, valid from today till 31 Dec 2013. Maybe a Christmas gift idea for your loved ones? ^^