Tep Wireless: more update.

November 21, 2013 in Cheese-offs

I thought that was the end, right? At least it was the end for me after i got my refund. But for them apparently it wasn’t.

Yesterday i received a call from a stranger number i don’t at all recognize, and it was from UK. The person who called is one of the partners/founders of Tep Wireless, and he called me to apologize again for the whole incident.

He kept saying how sorry he was, and how he read my blog posts again and realized that they really made a big mistake, etc.

I said, apology accepted.

And then he was all, is there anything else we could do for you?

And i was like, I have received my refund, and that’s good enough for me. Thank you.

And then he made it clearer and said, look, regarding your blog post, it really affected us very much. We are truly sorry, and is there anything we can do so you will take it down?



Well, here’s the thing.

When you google “Tep Wireless”, my blog post was the SECOND result, just right below their homepage.

That’s quite fucked up.


But anyway, the entire first page of “Tep Wireless” result on google is all negative reviews about the company, apart from their own website and Facebook page. They are really in some deep shit, man. And i didn’t cause this to happen. They did. Over and over and over again.

If i google “Cheesie” and the whole search engine is about how shit a human i am, i’d probably wish to disappear from the internet.

That’s too bad. That’s some SEO power i didn’t realize this blog has.



So back to the phone call.

He sounded genuinely sorry (he had to), and explained to me how his company is very new and only have 7 staff. And to be honest, i felt really bad for him.

Of course it would be very awesome to just ask him to pay me 2000 UK pounds and i’ll delete the blog posts. That will probably the most i’ve ever made out of a blog post in my entire blogging career.

You all always ask me for blogging tips?! That‘s how you make money out of blogging, y’all, to delete shit you write about a company. Remember the Singaporean blogger who threaten for hair sponsorship? See, that’s the NEW BLOGGING, y’all.


Anyway, i love my blog posts too much to delete them, and i told him even if i do, there are still tons of shit in the internet about the company, and they will really have to fix their piles of shit one by one from the very bottom.

Newbie company or million-dollar global company, when you fuck up, you fuck up. And you have to fix your shit. What really really pissed me off, was that AFTER they apologized to me, expressed their ultimate remorse and gave me a full refund, they still proceeded to delete Every. Single. Negative. Comment. On their FB page.


ALL of these and many many others? Gone. Leaving the nice unicorn cotton candy sweet comments floating harmlessly to their replying “awww thank you i’m glad you have an AWESOME experience”.

This not how “fixing shit” is.

And that’s how i lost the last shred of respect for this company.


So in the end, he knew that i was adamant about keeping the entry in the internet forever, so he tried to ask nicely if i could do a new blog post about how they nicely settled all my problems. I told him i already did, and there’s nothing else i can say, for i can’t speak for other people, and have no idea if they also fixed other customer’s problems.

So trying his last luck, he requested me to at least link the first blog post to the second blog post (because the people who went to Google and read my first blog post didn’t know how it ended). And i thought that was fair, so i did.

Lastly, while i still feel a little sorry for them, i just hope they are sincere in turning over a new leaf, and it’s their own effort to win their customers back.

What about you? Would you have done differently if you were me?





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25 responses to “Tep Wireless: more update.”

  1. sharmine says:

    bad service is bad service, for that price, it’s their responsibility to ensure that their customers gets the best – unless they don’t bother about their customer, even without your blogpost their shit service will still get revealed sooner or later anyway, consumers aren’t dumb, i just hope companies would stop doing unproductive things like this which is such a waste of resources, really.

  2. Aelynne Moon says:

    i have demon inside me..i probably scam them with an amout of £££££ but will never delete the blog…muahaha…

  3. suanie says:

    I think everyone deserves second chances. If you’re really passionate about this cause (which I think is worthy as the whole thing sounded scammish but possibly just really bad management screwing up a couple of hardworking tech people who have no clue about human relations) then you could continue to monitor? It’s a lot of work though. Okay 2sen at 1.43am done.

  4. cheryl says:

    cannot agree with you more!! it’s really appalling how bad some customer service can be these days, this company sorely needs to learn that deleting posts in their attempt to cover up the crap they’ve created really isn’t the solution. thank you for standing up for everyone else, and not being swayed by their futile attempts to have u remove the post :’) I wasn’t personally affected by this company btw, haha i just really hate it when people can be so rude urgh. One thing though, maybe link the second blogpost to the third (this one) too? So that people who’ve googled it can get the complete picture of what went on, and not just up to the second part!

  5. Mandy says:

    if I were you, I will still keep the blog post. They put you through so much and just because they suddenly messed with someone who is influential then only they got scared and wanna try and make things right? If you weren’t a famous blogger, if you didnt write that post, if that post didnt cause an uproar, would they even consider refunding you? I say that this is a lesson learnt for them. and besides, you did explain to us what happened later on, as in how they refunded you and all. So it’s good enough already.

  6. Half says:

    Sorry, the article link appeared truncated in my previous comment, so I’ll try one further time. There’s a general, but useful bullet point guide – suggested by lawyers – for people to consider when writing a bad review:nnhttp://www.thestar.com/business/personal_finance/2013/11/12/how_to_write_bad_review_without_getting_sued_roseman.html

  7. p says:

    well written and diplomatic blog post. it good that you didnt take down the prev posts – shows that your blog has integrity. super like!

  8. Cheesie says:

    You are right! Will do that, thank you very much 🙂

  9. Cheesie says:

    Thanks for the tips. It’s really helpful. Will keep that in mind!

  10. Shan says:

    I read up on this Tep Wireless and it seems to be complete mess up. Read plenty of bad reviews here: http://www.tripadvisor.com.sg/ShowTopic-g186338-i17-k6440515-o20-Tep_Wireless-London_England.html

  11. Shan says:

    I read up on this Tep Wireless and it seems to be complete mess up. Read plenty of bad reviews here: http://www.tripadvisor.com.sg/ShowTopic-g186338-i17-k6440515-o20-Tep_Wireless-London_England.html

  12. Shan says:

    I read up on this Tep Wireless and it seems to be complete mess up. Read plenty of bad reviews here: http://www.tripadvisor.com.sg/ShowTopic-g186338-i17-k6440515-o20-Tep_Wireless-London_England.html

  13. TenshiChn says:

    Honestly, Cheesie, don’t doubt what you did. nnPeople follow you and read your blog because of the way you did what you did. People would know if they read a bad recommendation blog and the next thing, it’s gone. nnI would have definitely did what you did. You have a huge reader base because what you write is all real and that’s what people want to know and read about. nnImagine you talking about all the goody shit about TEP WIRELESS and when you reader sign up for that service and get bollocks service, what do you think they would feel towards your recommendation?nnKeep up with your good work and not be shaken by these nuisance that pop up once in a while :)nnhttp://tenshichn.blogspot.com/2013/11/021-japan-2013-odaiba.html

  14. hitomineko says:

    i think you have every right to keep that blog post. You share your experience and that’s it. That’s what review or blogging is about, telling the truth. & since you were already nice enough to link the blog post together so whoever read it knows that ending, I think that’s good enough already. nnI like ur power as a blogger. hahahnnxo nnwww.hitomiblog.com

  15. TenshiChn says:

    as part of the agreement to Nutt leave bad comments after a bad experience? wow, that’s a little too much.. So if we say,’we’re not happy about the service but we’re not allowed to comment negatively according to the agreement’. does that counts?

  16. Catherine says:

    Cheesie I think you did the right thing. What your readers appreciate about you is your credibility.The fact that you agreed to put the link of your second post onto your first post is already doing them enough of a favor. You don’t owe them anything, and this is a good lesson to them as new company. Deleting your old post would not have done their future customers any services. Stay true to your beliefs and congratulation to all of the success you have accomplished to have allow your post to receive so much attention.nn- New York reader 🙂

  17. WP says:

    You’re doing good, girl! I also feel that linking to the second blog post from the first is a good thing to do, even if they didn’t ask. The whole story has to stay on the Internet!

  18. YT says:

    It’s quite disheartening that Tep wireless only replied you when you “act nasty”. It also shows how vulnerable most of us are in this situation when we don’t have powerful voice like you. I recently am waiting for Hervelvetvase to refund me. It’s been lapsing for a month and a bit, I hope they won’t suddenly vanish and stop replying me altogether too.

  19. iiwentan says:

    If I were you I wouldn’t link the post together.and I’ll just shut the phone call from them You’re too kind to do so !!

  20. Cheesie says:

    What happened with HVV? Let me know if you need help!

  21. Nicole says:

    Bad internet experiences can really ruin one’s trip. I freak out over not having wireless in my hotel room. But your whole trip with this catastrophe..they deserve this, and I hope that they will pay more attention to their products and services now.nnhttp://nicoleinchina.com

  22. YT says:

    Hi Cheesie, thanks for the reply. HVV calculated the wrong postage for me after I made the payment, making the postage more expensive than the apparel itself. I tried to negotiate to get back my refund to which they agreed to initially but minus the first mood box they’ve sent. I got the mood box, and was utterly disappointed and angry because the postage of $50.10 was for a hugeass box with 3 pieces of light weight ( maybe 800g) of 2x tops and a skirt. Maybe I was too naive to think that there would be plenty of stuff in the box. I just felt that for the money I’ve paid I didn’t get an equal valued return. But anyway, now it’s just a matter of waiting for them, as patiently as I can, to refund the rest of my money. I love how they style u up, just a bit let down from my experience with them. Thank you! For listening.u’re awesome blogger! Keep rocking!

  23. Cheesie says:

    Let me know if there’s no news from them ok!! I advertised for them somehow I feel responsible for your experience!!

  24. Cheesie says:

    Let me know if there’s no news from them!! I somehow feel that because I advertised for them and I’m responsible for your experience.

  25. Sakurina says:

    I think the way you handeld the whole situation was the right way! I personally would have been less nice to them and wouldn’t feel sorry for them! They have to learn from their mistakes and not try to wipe it under the rug..(sorry if my english is bad)nnhttp://skinnyminisakurina.blogspot.nl

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