Tokyo food post continues 😀

Uoriki Fish Restaurant

This is my fav fish shop in Shibuya!

In the afternoon they serve grilled fish set meal, and night time is sashimi set!

You pick the set meal tags you want from the wall, and bring it upstairs with you!

And it is craaaazy value for money! For 1000 yen (RM30+) you get fresh fish (in this picture it is Tuna Karaage), unlimited rice, unlimited hijiki (black seaweed thing) unlimited clam miso soup, unlimited tea, and a small starter.

But seems like there are more items in this pic?

The tag you brought upstairs with you, when you flip over, numbers are written on it. And it’s like lottery, if the number matches the “daily lottery” number on the wall, you get to choose a starter (depending how many number you strike lol).

For me i am forever lucky!!! It’s either i strike ALL numbers, or at least one or two! So we always order natto, mentaiko for the “omakase” (freebie).

Danna’s grilled Sanma fish.


And i loooooooove their clam soup! So rich and flavorful i always refill one or two times and the danna will refill the rice and soup X time lol.


It’s a little stressful when i come to this restaurant because i always have to make sure i finish my rice (when i can’t i sneakily pour it over the danna’s bowl lol).

The sign on the wall says if you can’t finish your rice, you will have to pay 500 yen.

It doesn’t only just apply to the refilled rice (because some people are greedy), but from the very fist bowl they serve to you. Basically the owners just want to emphasize how precious rice is in Japan, and everybody should appreciate it to the max (basically the no-wasting-food culture). So if you think you can’t finish the rice, order a small bowl!


 Life Changing Okinawan Restaurant

Until today i still can’t remember the name :X. But this is the one i blogged about earlier and had an epiphany wtf.

The usual, Goya champuru (fried bitter gourd with egg).

We eat in silence every time, nodding our heads like idiots lol. One time we sneakily sat at the counter so that we could have a good view of the open kitchen because i insist to find out what kind of special secret ingredient/sauce they used in the dish.

But to our disappointment, nothing special happened. Unless they already hid the special secret in the plate before serving. The danna came to the conclusion that the chef drug their customers, because there’s no other explanation how their bitter gourd can taste so out of the world. 😐

Assorted mushroom and fried stomach. Another favorite.

Okinawa soba. If i were to describe how it tastes, this picture will not do, i would have to include pictures of rainbows and fairy dust instead.




Every time we go back to Japan, it is always the same sequence. Fav fish shop -> Fav Ramen -> Fav Okinawan Restaurant -> and then my craving for motsunabe kicks in. After i’ve made all these compulsory gourmet stops, we would explore some new sushi shops, some trendy cafes and stuff.

We went to Torigoya in Nakameguro.

Fried mostu.

And the nabe.

It’s very healthy cuz there are lots of green and motsu is also full of collagen!


There was also tamagoyaki with shitload of mentaiko filling.


Family Restaurant

On other dates, usually with RinRin, we are adventurous to go to newly opened cafes.

But i had to stop by Jonathan’s, a typical family restaurant.

RinRin had Omuraisu.

And i had double foie-gras hamburg. Was so good!!!


The Splurge

So one day we decided to pretend to be very rich so we went to Bvlgari cafe lol.

It’s right along Omotesando inside the Bvlgari building. We checked the menu price several times to make sure we won’t end up at the police station lol. Ok la for set lunch per person is like 3000 yen (RM90+).

To be honest the food is really really really the usual western food like pasta and stuff, although very yummy indeed, i expected like a bowl on dancing laser beams completes with mini Bvlgari logo fireworks or something lol.


At least the desserts are branded.


Ringer Hut

Ringer Hut is a Nagasaki chain restaurant serving Nagasaki champon, so no wonder it is the danna’s heavy-rotation.

I also super love champon because you get to order “Yasai Tappuri Champon”, which means “Vegetable-Galore Champon”. Apparently there are 25 types of greens inside. Healthy! And their gyoza is one of my fav!


Hanamaru Udon

During times i don’t feel like a heavy meal (nor have a heavy wallet), we always go to Hanamaru Udon.It’s a self-service chain store and you can find it anywhere!

The cheapest udon is like 280 yen (RM9), and then if you like you can choose some extravaganza toppings. Even so the meal probably will come up to only RM20+!! There’s also mentaiko udon so be sure to try that out!



Ootoya is another chain store serving Japanese-style set meals. I never bother to try it because it is probably one of the biggest chain restaurants and normally chain restaurants are meh.

But one day we received a free coupon so we went and tried it out. And also because a few days before we were just watching a documentary on Ootoya, and i was super impressed by their company philosophy and the emphasis on food quality. Aiya if you watch enough TV every single Japanese company has a touching story to tell wan.

My Yuzu-pepper chicken chop set meal.

According to the documentary, everything is made fresh from the kitchen (a lot of giant fast food chain solely rely on frozen and pre-proccessed food), and every meal is balanced and healthy. Like this meal is made for people who needs more iron (me! i’m always slightly anemic). It’s crazy how even food has a “theme”, and to me it’s very, very clever marketing.

This is the popular black-vinegar chicken and it is SO. GOOD. Even the capsicum and carrot and eggplant was good. And it only cost like 800 yen or something for a set. Crazy cheap!


 NALU 76 Cafe

Always love their burgers and Omuraisu so this time we tried something different!

Chicken karaage

Chorizo and mushroom risotto is soooo gooood!


Eggs’n Things

Hawaiian style restaurant In Harajuku.

This is actually a restaurant i never tried before because the line is forever.

But if you happen to have the luxury to line up and try out, do tell me if it is worth the queue.


 Life Changing Okinawan Restaurant Again.

So we are back here after like 4 or 5 days lol. I couldn’t resist it. I told you it was the drugs.

It even says, Cigarette, OK,  Pipe, OK, Marijuana, NO. lol.

Kampai Shikuasa.


You guys sick of this yet? Lolol.

New challenge, Fried Yam and Spam. This one maybe you can imagine the yumminess.


Braised pig tail. Maybe this one you cannot.

But it was really like a challenge, to finally discover a dish that is actually mediocre tasting or meh-not-so-impressive.

We fail every time.


 Xiao Fei Yang

When Nana said she wanted to bring me to her fav hot pot place, and when i found out that it was Xiao Fei Yang, i was like god damn, i live next to a Xiao Fei Yang in KL which i wasn’t particularly fond of and now we are here in Xiao Fei Yang Shibuya.

But man i was wrong.

Xiao Fei Yang Shibuya, WAS SO FREAKING YUMMY i kept craving for it after i came back, and i could never get the same taste here lol.


Life-Altering Beef

Haha sorry a bit dramatic hor this whole post.

Already blogged about this earlier.

Please please please please splurge on at least ONE good Yakiniku restaurant in Japan while you are still alive. If you can eat beef.


Hokkaido Fair

Every couple of weeks or so, there will be a Hokkaido fair in Yoygi park.

Even in summer you get awesome seafood because Hokkaido is so cold.

And it is not an easy task to navigate the whole fair. More often than not you will leave the park so. freaking. hungry. because you cannot locate your friend for half an hour since you guys split to queue up for different things and the lines are insanely long to the point they overlapped each other and it’s like a freaking maze and now you realize you just accidentally cut someone’s line (thank god it’s Japan) so you walk another 5 minutes to the end of the line and when you eventually get some food which is likely the least popular food since it has a shorter line, you end up sitting on the floor with the event pamphlet on your bum because you can’t find a seat, but all you have is like a stick of grilled scallop and your friend a plate of Yakisoba, and now you’re pondering if you should wait in the hot sun for another half an hour for the REAL Hokkaido food but you figure it’s probably best to just hit the nearest convenient store.

I’m not even kidding.

But yea we did have some Hokkaido melon. It’s all worth it. And the next Hokkaido fair, we will willingly make the same tedious mistake again.



I picked this because it seems… value for money? Buy one free half!


 Loccitane Cafe

I never bother with all these branded cafes because i think they just want to cheat my money but once you give it a chance, you will find out that their desserts are indeed very, very good.

Some super tea.

Creme Brulee and Ichigo tart is so good too.


Sakura Lounge 

So the journey comes to an end, and i was always very sad to leave Japan.

But at least in JAL lounge i get to have one last food solace.

Mentaiko infinity.

I love you so much.