Hello! I’ve got myself a new camera!

It is Pentax Q7!

To be honest i have a few cameras myself and each one of them has a different use for different occasion. Most of the time i’m happy with my mobile phone. I also have other cameras bigger in size, which is less convenient to bring out.

And Pentax Q7, is one of the smallest and lightest interchangeable lens cameras currently available in the market!!

To be honest Pentax is probably not the most famous camera brands we know in Malaysia, but it was one of the oldest professional camera brands in Japan, founded in 1919, so its history goes back a looooooong way, and is still very popular until today!


So, apart from being the smallest of its kind, one of its most special feature is how you get to customize it the way you love it!

(sorry it’s in Japanese)

There are a total of 120 colors for you to choose from, isn’t it insane???


You can go to Pentax Q7’s Color Simulator website to see what color you love best.

This is the classic black color. But no more boring cameras for you!

You can play around with it to find the best color combination.

Of course there’s also pink 😀


The colors are just soooooo cute actually i had such a hard time to decide on the final color i wanted.

So in the end i picked a combination of white and red!

I love how it looks very retro vintage, the texture and design.

Even the flash light looks super robot-like lol.


Other than that, it also comes with the usual Scene/Mode:

Here are some  photos taken in Seremban playing with the Scenes:

Flower on Macro

Even with the normal lens it gives excellent depth of field.

This bug is very very very small but looks so magnified here!


Cheddie, under Blu Sky mode.

Cheddie, under Pet mode.

With Yuri from Japan! Under Portrait mode.




So… any questions?

Now everyone is asking…

Does this comes with WiFi?

Because all of us are and super spoilt and are Instagram addicts. The answer is no.


Nowadays with any digital camera, simply purchase a WiFi memory card, download an application and voila, your freshly taken photo is now in your mobile phone. That’s what i did!


How many megapixel?

Q7 is 12 megapixels and although there are other cameras in the market that offers up to 20MP, but to me megapixels is never a factor, because with 12MP you can print up to a large poster size!


And… Where can i buy it?

You can go to the nearest digital camera shop and order one!


How much?

Compared to other interchangeable lens camera, this is really really affordable! It’s retailed at RM1399 only!


For more info, you can check out:

1. Pentax Malaysia

2. Ricoh Camera Malaysia

3. dscworld.com.my



Check out the Japanese commercial on PENTAX Q7.


Lastly, ending with my coordinate picture!

Didn’t even notice it did you?

Yeap that’s how tiny the camera is! 😀