Hello! Happy 2014 to everyone!

Sorry for the absence but here’s the exciting news especially for Singaporeans who love Tokyo fashion!

I am sure you all know about JRunway, a multi-label Japanese apparel concept store in Plaza Singapura.

I was there with Qiu Qiu and Misako during the grand opening in 2012. You can read the full blog post here.

More than a year has passed now and i heard JRunway has expanded a lot in terms of new fashion brands and there are more activities going on their websites too. I haven’t been back but i wish to visit soon when i go to Singapore again!!!

Anyway their latest project is their Japanese free-paper style fashion magazine, which i think is a fantastic initiative to bring Japanese fashion closer to people like you and me. And in the upcoming issue, it would be….

jeng jeng jeng

A JRunway X Cheesie collabo!

I was so honored to be representing JRunway for their 2014 Spring Summer collection and appearing in the fashion magazine exclusively. They wanted me to do a fashion shoot in Dec last year (which was just about 2 weeks ago), but i was already 4-months + pregnant that time. Although i was not showing much yet, i was not sure if i could fit into all the new items because the SS collection are mostly body-flaunting, tight fitting coordinates.

But JRunway people believed that everything will run smoothly, so during my trip in Tokyo we had a fashion photoshoot with a professional Japanese team. I’m sharing some of the behind-the-scene photos here!!

The photoshoot only started 6PM at night due to the studio’s schedule. I told the danna i’d probably be back after midnight (since i’m so used to all the photoshoot overtime in Malaysia so i made a mental preparation) and he was like, that’s not gonna happen. It’s Japan.


Hair make by Yuko. She is really really super awesome and quick!

She took less than 5 minutes to change my make-up and hair style each time.
The brands i was wearing that day include Royal Party, Spiral Girl, 3rd by Vanquish, Gal Star, and everyone’s fav EMODA, etc. Yuko also did the make up fitting to each theme. For EMODA’s 2014 SS’s Pin Up Lady theme of course i got a Pin-Up makeover!
Stylist checking if i looked pregnant/fat or not lol. I was super lucky that i managed to fit in all the outfits, and i must say they are gorrrrrgeous. I’m so so sad that when they finally come out i would probably not fit any more. T__T
An EMODA coordinate.
Pin-up lady.
Casual style.
Street mix!
Botanical summery prints
2013 SS collection in JRunway would be colorful, sweet with a variety of mixed print! Can’t wait for them to be in store!

There are a total of maybe 30 different coordinates i had to wear that day (which i was quite shocked to find out. Normally 10 outfits would take something like a whole day in Malaysia), but the team was insanely amazing. They totally set the mood right, each change takes less than 5 minutes and each coordinate snap was about only 1-2 minutes, Chinami gives her approval and they were like OKAY NEXT!

So the entire photoshoot took something like 3-4 hours total. I couldn’t believe it.

And turned out all the shots are really quite nice with perfect lighting and angle, i was super amazed how they managed to catch a good angle in just a few snaps. Cuz normally i alwayst think look better on my phone iPhone-selfie than any other professionally-taken shots :X

Chinami from JRunway showed me some of the final photos and i was super happy with them! To be honest i’ve never had photoshoot this efficient and fun (normally i get super tired and quite stressed out) i would really love to do it again.

Also there will be an interview column. <3

Can’t wait for the magazine to be out!!! It’s scheduled to be published in Feb, so do check them out!!

Also…JRunway Post Christmas sale is ON!

Crazy sale is everywhere in Japan now so of course JRunway is joining the excitement! Up to 50% off!!! Do check out their store and don’t miss out!

Fav EMODA items like this knit set i wore is also on sale!

Jacket $99 now $69.30

Shorts $89 now $62.3

Top  $59 now $41.30

High-waisted pants $169 now $118.30

Finally, check out the big JRunway poster (yes that’s me lol) in the mall lol.
And the lift poster. I’m wearing all 2014 SS EMODA in this!

Don’t forget to visit

JRunway Website
JRunway Facebook Page


And actual store:

Plaza Singapura #01-54

Have fun shopping!